HomeHe cupped the house in his hands.  It was important to protect it.

She saw what he was doing.  “What good is that?” she asked.  “It won’t make a difference.”

He thought Aphrodite was being cruel.  “I want to prevent it from being destroyed.”

She laughed.  “As if you could keep Zeus from smashing something he wants to destroy,” she said.  “I’m outta here.”

He held on.  He might only be a demi-god, but his child was in that house and he wanted to keep her alive.  He had a right, didn’t he?  He knew he shouldn’t have given into temptation in the first place, he should have left mortals alone.  But, he had wanted to know what it was like to love a mortal.  And it was all he’d hoped for.  But then they’d been found out, Hera had insisted Zeus destroy both the woman and child he loved.

Orion held on.