Crossing the road with Tatum

Kids at Bbury CourtBARRIERS

It all started to go wrong on Wednesday morning.  Tatum said we should go for supplies and stuff, we were going to run out if we didn’t.

I was scared, but I went along anyway.

We each had a pack and we climbed up to the surface.  It was foggy up there, and cold.  Colder than underground.  I’d almost forgotten how cold it can get on the surface.

We were both shivering when we reached the road.  We’d been walking a long time already.  Tatum said we needed to cross the road for the supplies.  I wasn’t sure.  The road was wide, maybe more than a hundred feet wide.  It was all cracked and pitted concrete, with a three-foot barrier in the middle.  We’d have to climb over that barrier.

It was dangerous.  I told Tatum we shouldn’t go across it.  He just laughed.  “It’s nothing,” he said.  “It’s just a little barrier, I can hop across it like it wasn’t even there.”

I wasn’t so sure.  Something about that barrier was familiar, something from before I couldn’t quite remember.

But he was out there before I knew it.  He got to the center, turned back and grinned at me.  He was daring me to come along  But I still stayed where I was.

Crack! Just as Tatum topped the barrier, there was a huge flash of light.

And then he was gone.

About this post:  When I read the sign in the image, I thought of a long journey with a barrier to another time or another dimension, a barrier you couldn’t see.  These two characters have to fend for themselves, but the brash one – Tatum – loses out. Or does he?