Butterfly meditation

Photo by M. Wacker.

I am sitting among butterflies.
The waterfall hisses in the background, green leaves surround my bench.
All the light from the sky, a gray cloudy day, pours into my eyes.
My eyes are electric.
The butterflies flash floating wings, and flutter is the name for their movement.
They wear their colors without vanity, without arrogance, without the stain of ego.
A butterfly is the soul of not-being, while being alive.
The floaty-float of a butterfly’s wings defy gravity.
The butterfly carries only particles of gravity and spacetime on its wings, nothing else.
The absence of heat silences a butterfly.
It sits perfectly still, the mark of color on the green leaf of a plant or on the yellow pebbled surface of stone.
The butterfly’s entire life is spent in search of food and in search of the sun.
Heat and light are a butterfly’s friend.
Dark and cold are the dousers of a butterfly’s light.
The butterfly is a soft-sharp bright cousin to the moth.
The wings of the butterfly – mariposa – feed my imagination.


Cockrell Butterfly Center by elaine is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons License
Cockrell Butterfly Center by elaine is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Have you ever been inside a butterfly center?  I wrote this meditation inside the Cockrell Butterfly Center in Houston, Texas, where I was visiting a long-time friend last weekend.  It was a cool day and rain was pouring down outside, so the usually sunny interior was a bit on the chilly side for the butterflies, who were less active than usual (we were told).  Nevertheless, it was such a unique experience, especially when you look up, up, up, into the top of the glass-cone tower overhead, where you spot butterflies of all types and colors flitting, against the glass and about the tall large-leaf plants and shrubs.  Seattle has a butterfly garden (at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo), where you walk in and among the butterflies.  Such a treat.


Without realizing it, I filled this post with all the small details from sitting on a bench among butterflies and large green plants inside the glass tower of the butterfly center.  … and, then I thought, this week I’m focusing on attention to details in my #beingthemoment project.  Hmmm … I’m not usually that good at relaxing by noting small details.  Are you?  Where do you go when you want to enjoy small details?

Photo by M. Wacker.
Photo by M. Wacker.