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Hello, and welcome to my blog, where I write snippets of fiction, poetry, and occasional personal reflections. I’m glad you stopped by!

What is my work like?  When I describe my work to others, I often say:  It is often like  “Twilight Zone” stories.   I also write realistic fiction at times.

Publications – My latest publication appeared in the UK publication Grievous Angel: “Equivocation” An affluent town finds itself in need of borrowing bodies for hedonistic pursuits, so it makes a deal with a neighboring in-need town. But things don’t go quite as planned.

Some of my stories have appeared in small publications, and I am working on a couple of new long projects.  I was honored to have this post selected for Freshly Pressed in August 2014, Found.”


Photo by Michelle Weber.
Photo by Michelle Weber.

Dear Human Parent Representative,

Recently we found a child sitting on the old merry-go-round device at the Minneapolis Food Giant on NW Arrow Place and 24th Street NW. The child was about a meter tall, with dark hair in a ponytail, blue denim pants with “Hello Kitty” emblem on the right front . . . .



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Thank you for taking the time to view my work.  I always welcome your thoughts; please share your comments, if desired.  You can reach me through the contact form below, or on social media.  Á bientôt!

– Theresa

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