New fiction published: “It Started With the Scars”
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Hello everyone,

I’m thrilled to announce my story “It Started With the Scars” was published last month in Freeze Frame Fiction. Here is a link:

It Started With the Scars

I met Ruby on the second day of Burning Man. I knew the risks, but I have learned to conceal my scars well. Perhaps I was distracted . . .

I wrote this story quite a while ago, and I loved it, but when I sent it out it was rejected over and over. I still liked it, even after all that bruising rejection. Freeze Frame Fiction had sent me an encouraging rejection on a previous story submission, saying they liked my writing even though they couldn’t use that story. They need pieces that are under 1000 words, and the story was a bit longer in its original form. I condensed the story a bit and sent it in. Happily, they enjoyed it and published it on Sept. 1st. This is my first acceptance in 2018, and I am delighted.

So — keep persisting! It’s worth it!

18 thoughts on “New fiction published: “It Started With the Scars”

  1. This is absolutely awesome, Theresa! Huge congratulations! Yes, we must keep persisting. 🙂 You are always so inspiring. And I’ve missed you and our communication.


    1. Thank you, Dippy-Dotty Girl! I appreciate your kind message. Actually, I have not been to Burning Man, but I had the delight of speaking with someone who had been many times, and she helped me understand more about the event. 🙂 Have a great day!

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