Update – Op-Ed piece published in The Seattle Times today!

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Hello everyone,

I’ve never been very confident writing nonfiction, e.g., essays and personal memoir, and I’m always envious and admiring of those who do it well. This week I’ve had a nonfiction piece published in the Seattle Times, our local newspaper. It’s an Op-Ed piece that is part of their “My Take” series, in which Seattle residents write about an issue they are concerned about. I was reluctant to even try submitting an Op-Ed, as I know it’s hard to get a piece published in the local newspaper these days. But my neighbors who are involved in helping me advocate on a local neighborhood issue really wanted us to get an Op-Ed in the paper as a way to reach out to other neighborhoods in the city, to inspire them to take action on the same issue. And to let the city know we’re serious about this issue.

So, I hesitantly sat down to draft a piece for submission, and after I drafted it I got feedback on it, which helped me to revise it into a final form. I sent it early this week and heard back that they will be publishing it today! Here it is, if you’d like to take a look:

“Seattle parks and greenbelts are too wonderful to be trashed “, The Seattle Times, 10/19/18

Happy writing, everyone!

10 thoughts on “Update – Op-Ed piece published in The Seattle Times today!

  1. As I look out my window at our beautiful park (Stanley Park), your passionate words are a good reminder to continue to treasure this wonderful eco-system. Congratulations on having such a well-written piece published to help preserve Seattle parks and green spaces!


  2. Wonderful piece, Theresa! It was informative & well written, and gave a great roadmap for action for other Seattle communities. It was a heartfelt plea to save
    /take back our parks, but it also showed compassion for the homeless. I was talking to people last night about your neighborhood’s efforts, and the piece explains it so perfectly & succinctly. I’m going to send them the link!


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