Farewell, Summer!

In the middle of August you start to feel the pull toward autumn. Here in Seattle we’ve been having hazy skies that turn the sunlight yellow and sometimes make the sun glow red. It’s a scene that feels almost apocalyptic, something about the yellowness of the light making the world feel older, reminding me of the goldenness of light in the fall.

In the past few weeks I’ve been doing some long thinking, thinking about what direction I want to go with my writing and with my work. We all have different reasons for writing, and at the same time we all have the same reasons for writing. To be heard. To express ourselves. To connect with other readers. To become more than we already are.

If you’re like me, you’ve learned a great deal from your writing. Whether it’s new techniques for conveying your thoughts, or how your work is perceived by others who read it, or it may even be new ways to express yourself.


Photo by Theresa Barker.


It’s been five years since I started this blog, and it has given me a wonderful opportunity to express myself. Back then I posted small “flash” fiction pieces, every day for five months, based on the WordPress.com Daily Prompts. I had once piece selected for “Freshly Pressed” just a few months into my blogging, which was sensational. It made me feel like a “real writer,” whatever that is. After five months of daily posting, I switched to 2-3 times a week, still posting fiction. Along the way over the next few years, I added some reflection pieces and updates to the fiction mix, all learned by reading the work of other bloggers like you! What’s been even more fun is serializing a couple of longer stories, which was great fun, seeing how each episode took the story further along.

Along the way I’ve been privileged to be part of a wonderfully supportive community of blogging writers. My colleague Anna Jailene Aguilar and I collaborated on an anthology of Cinderella-retold stories that we published on Amazon.com. I have had multiple and deeply rich conversations with fellow writers who have taken the the time to comment, and sometimes email, their thoughts, suggestions, and kudos about my writing.Β  It has been hugely encouraging. I am deeply grateful for the generosity of the blogging community.

Photo by Theresa Barker.


Thank you for visiting, thank you for your time to read my work, to click “Like” on a post or to write your thoughts in a comment.Β  I can’t express how much it means to have a conversation, however briefly, as part of an ongoing conversation, about one’s writing and about the connections it makes with other writers and their experiences. It has been uplifting, and it has helped me build confidence in my creative ability, and build determination to keep writing.

Photo by Theresa Barker.

As you know, we all strive to “bloom where we are planted.” My Lab Notes blog has been rewarding and fulfilling. As my outside-the-blog fiction work has been taking off, I have been less and less active on Lab Notes. Besides writing new stories, I am working on a couple of chapbooks of stories, including The Little Book of Lies, and I have started working with a couple of novel projects. It is with regret that I have decided that it may be time to put Lab Notes on hiatus for a while.

I have one more episode in mind for my ongoing serialized story “The Tattoo Girl,” and I’ll write and post that episode in the next couple of weeks. To you: my blogging community members and those who have faithfully and enthusiastically read my work on Lab Notes, THANK YOU! You have been extraordinarily inspiring to me and my writing. I hope to rejoin you again in the future, with more stories, more reflections, more poetry, if possible. Have a wonderful end-of-August, and keep writing!

Very best regards,

Theresa (“Lab Notes” blogger)

20 thoughts on “Farewell, Summer!

  1. Another season has come and gone already. It sounds like you are hurtling towards cooler weather soon and hope you stay warm πŸ™‚ We all need time to think and reflect on our work and life in general. Life changes, things happen and our priorities change, and so what matters to us changes over time. Art is very much that way. Like you, I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of my writing and my blog. My current focus is trying to make a serious move on finishing my first book, and have been spending more time on it and less time here in the blog world.

    It has been a pleasure following you all this while, Theresa. I do enjoy following what you get up to with your writing and how you find time in between to relax and take us around Seattle. Being away from our art is such an important part of the process of making art – and you don’t shy away from that πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you, Mabel! I am excited for you that you are finishing your book! Yay! And thank you for the suggestion to take time to reflect and to step back if needed. Especially with blogs there is that pressure to keep writing. Good reminder! Have a great FALL!

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      1. Don’t Think I didn’t like it if you don’t hear from me for a while because my reading pile is outrageous and I i’ve been falling asleep before I can read.


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