Night Time

Some of my favorite blogging writers occasionally dip into their early work. It’s always so intriguing to get an “early look” at a favorite writer’s work, isn’t it? Here’s one of my favorites!

I hope you enjoy it – and perhaps you’ll be inspired to reblog one of your early pieces; I’d love to read it!

Theresa Barker - Lab Notes


the moon
the neighbor’s air conditioner
a passing truck
the car alarm in the mini-mart parking lot on the corner
the street light out front
conversation of two passers-by
helicopters overhead
a police siren
angry shouts
screeching brakes

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5 thoughts on “Night Time

  1. Really like that poem you wrote, Theresa. It really does describes the random but also regular sounds you might hear at night when all is relatively quiet. It sort of builds up a bit up until ambulance and then simmers down again with crickets.

    It is always fun revisiting early work, or confronting.The other day I was reading my older blog posts and realised how much shorter they are and definitely less cross-linking to what has been said, but those posts also feel so much more conversational. It does give me food for thought on where I am going as a writer and what I may have left behind, or forgotten when it comes to expressing myself in words. At times I do cringe at my earlier work because they read rather naive and also a bit clumsy lol 🙂 But these kinds of posts and I think many of our earlier work in general have some kind of energy to them…some energy that we might have left behind along the way because of a certain point where we felt like we were going no where.


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