in which Theresa considers a blogging anniversary

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Do you think about why you blog?  Do you set goals, have a schedule of blog posts?  Perhaps you participate in blog challenges, such as weekly photo challenges or topics.  What makes you thrilled about blogging, what keeps you motivated, what do you most enjoy about blogging?  What do you enjoy the least?

This spring I realized I am coming up on the fifth anniversary of my “Lab Notes” blog in August.  When I started this blog I had no idea where it would take me.  In fact, I wrote a blog post about the start of this blog last year (Feb. 2017), in which I described hoping for a way to overcome writer’s block, a difficult challenge that has plagued me all my life.  What I didn’t realize then is how much I would enjoy the community I had become a part of.  I am grateful for those blogger-writers who have touched my life, and I theirs.

Writing is a solitary pursuit, and I am grateful to those who have taken their time to read my work, and those who have shared their thoughts in a message.  Even though you may be across the globe from me, or across the country, your warmth and kind reassurance have been important and affirming.  Thank you!

As I approach the five-year anniversary of my Lab Notes blog, I would love to hear about what makes blogging worthwhile for you.  Have you changed how you blog over time?  Do you have specific goals or objectives with your blog?  How does your blogging become a part of your other creative pursuits?  What advice would you give someone who is just starting their own blog?

Thank you for visiting!  I’m looking forward to hearing even more from you soon.


29 thoughts on “in which Theresa considers a blogging anniversary

  1. I so often think about this. The only thing I keep returning to is the community. It has been wonderful to be able to chat about various topics and learn new things from fellow bloggers who have been interested in joining the discussion both on their end and mine. And it’s been lovely to find new kindred spirits among the innumerable bloggers who I can connect with.

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  2. You know I think about this quite a bit 🙂 I have been turning things over again in the back of my brain since the wp photo challenge is no longer a thing, and that was a large part of my blog. I think now it will be a bit of turmoil for me as I figure out what next. We will see where it leads…

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    1. Ah, me, too, Amy! I like the way your Instagram postings feature your work. Bring visual there is really a benefit. I’m noticing my own writing beyond my blog is becoming more of a focus, and I’m re-thinking how to integrate everything. It’s a challenge, eh?

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  3. Congrats, Theresa! isn’t it amazing to notice how long one has been blogging?! I love to make blogger friends and feel that I have a community–both on my own blogs and on my friends’ blogs. And knowing that there are “mutual friends” is fun, too. it makes writing much less lonely!


    1. Yes, absolutely, Luanne! And may I say, thank you! for being such a great resource for me and my writing. I’ve learned a lot from hearing about your writing process on your blog and in comments. 🙂

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  4. Considering the comments with your post, I think we mostly feel the same about blogging/blogging community. We love the community. I feel I have made some friends, you being on top of my list, although I tend to disappear at random depending on my life: work, home, social, mental state. Also, blogging and the blogosphere is an inspiration and an encouragement. I believe it’s more positive (than negative) for our writing (for the writers).

    I was a writer, albeit one plagued with doubts and feeling of inadequacy, before I was a blogger. I had a blog which I started probably ten years ago (give or take), before blogging became popular. However, it was more like my public journal. It was mostly rant. It was mostly related to my mental health. It was without purpose. It had no audience. I eventually deleted it.

    Then, I started “I think, I say, I do”, which, according to WordPress, is at least eight years old. I deleted the original (old) posts and about three years ago rebooted. Clean slate. The blog was still what I think, say and do, although it has evolved and changed a few times. It is now Crossroads and Conquests: Odyssey of a Woman, which is the title of my new book series I’m working on, but it’s still about the same: me, my life, my writing, my challenges, my triumphs, egg. Even when I disappear, I come back. Sharing is the purpose, therefore, I am still here.

    My travel and food blog hasn’t changed really. I’ve changed the tag line a couple of times but that’s about it. I enjoy sharing our travel and food related experiences although my backlog is a year long, because I experience way too much than I can write and edit photos.


    1. Oh gosh! I’m writing a blog post and I was sharing this comment… it’s not “egg”; it’s meant to be etc. Mobile devices and auto-correct. Please excuse me for not reviewing my comment before posting.


  5. Congrats on your upcoming fifth anniversary later this year, Theresa. That is quite a milestone, five years of blogging and usually most blogs don’t last for more than a year. I really enjoyed following along mainly for your everyday take on life around you as well as your fiction pieces.

    You pose some very thought-provoking questions there. I do keep a blog schedule, and depending on how busy I am I tend to blog around once a month or every 3-4 weeks an they are written in advance and scheduled. This way I feel I can organise my time around other writing projects that I have and really life in general. My blog over the years have evolved from me expressing my thoughts on being a cultural minority to a blog where I explore differences and similarities between different cultures. For most of us, our blogs probably change with time – they grow with us and our experiences. Looking back on what I’ve written five years ago, sometimes I cringe at my writing then. Photography has also something that my blog encouraged me to explore. With a blog and if you’re committed to it, there’s no guessing where it will take you 🙂


    1. Mabel, as always, thank you for your thoughtful message! Hearing that you enjoy the everyday take on life in my blog is super-helpful. I’m still pondering how I would like to take my blog forward, as I’ve been moving away from the fiction postings and more toward the “writing life” postings, partly because I enjoy reading others’ similar posts, and partly because my non-blog fiction projects are starting to gain momentum.

      I like that you have a schedule and that you pre-write your posts, which shows, since they are very journalistic (in a good way) and informative, detailed and thorough, not to mention well-researched. And your note that photography has been growing as a part of your expression – that’s great! Thanks again for the feedback and for sharing your process. I’m always super-intrigued by others’ processes!


      1. I think your writing life posts let us see the down to earth side to you, and many of us can relate to that. Sometimes we want to improve our craft, and other times we just want to learn from others as a person. Thank you for the nice words, Theresa. You are an amazing writer and you come through very confident in your words and writings 🙂


      2. Mabel, thank you for the insights about my writing; it helps me to think about how those connections are made between us. For me, when I read your work I’m struck by the all-inclusive, research-based thoughts and ideas presented, along with personal experience to emphasize the impacts of your topic. That connection is very powerful!

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  6. Congratulations on your upcoming blog anniversary…for me, I write when inspiration hits…lately life has gotten in the way but I seem to be back jotting down images or thoughts I want to share in my posts! I do love the community and often the words I need to read the most find their way to me!


    1. Thank you, Yvette! I’m always intrigued to hear about your writing process. That’s great that you are just gathering the thoughts and images that you’ll include in future blog posts. Great organic approach! 🙂

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