Tattoo Girl, part 15

This week I wanted to write more about Jaime, our Tattoo Girl.  This is becoming a long-ish tale, and readers have been so encouraging about hearing more on the story – thank you!

This post is standalone, but if you’d like to read earlier installments, please see links at the end of this post.

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The day Jaime got her cat tattoo she was mad at André.  That’s what she told her friends afterward, but it wasn’t the truth.  The day Jaime got her cat tattoo she was sad, empty and lonely, even though she was already married to André the lawyer and they had moved to Houston for his job.  And she was painting her art in their apartment’s second bedroom, but the painting wasn’t going well.  Something, something, something else was needed.  She thought, maybe it was a tattoo.  She knew friends who had gotten that first little butterfly on the nape of the neck, or a small rose at the ankle, or a heart at the wrist.  New friends she’d met in Houston at the art collective.  But even though she made friends she still felt lonely, André working long hours (It’s a new job, I have to show I’m committed), and she’d only married him (she realized later) for security.  Her father had been a lawyer.  It was classic transference, at least that’s what the psychology wags would say.  She wouldn’t say that.  She’d never say that.

She’d say, it was a mistake.  We all make mistakes.

Security.  The day she got her tattoo she was ready.  But it took some months, more than a year after the tattoo, to finally make the split from André.  Why?  Well, you think, it’s not so bad.  It could be worse.  But what you don’t know is that little part of you that is dying from inside.  The part of you that wants affection, that hopes to be close to another person, that wants to feel like you’ve been chosen as a partner, not just married by default because no one else was in sight.

Okay, she’ll admit to herself, it took finding out that André was involved with someone else to make her finally leave.  But she was ready.  When she saw those emails to “Cheryl,” a paralegal at his office (paralegal?  not even another lawyer?  what was that about?), discussing their meet-up arrangements at a local hotel, she was ready.  Back to Seattle, back to art.  Back to being who she wanted to be, not the person André thought she was.

The cat tattoo came with her.  And Mr. Mittens came along not too long after.

Fate brings strange and wonderful things.


What do you think?  Have you made mistakes that you didn’t see until you were beyond them?  How did you recover from those mis-steps?

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