Announcing “Cinderella Reimagined”

Announcing! Cinderella Reimagined, an anthology of fifteen re-told versions of the Cinderella fairy tale.

This anthology was a co-creation with me and collaborator Anne Jailene Aguilar, a South African blogger and writer.  We asked bloggers and writers from all over the globe to submit new tales drawn on the Cinderella fairy tale.  We selected the best stories, edited and designed the collection, and published it on Amazon Books last month.  Now available on Amazon Books! – Take a look:

Crossroads and Conquests

We did it! We actually released our anthology this month. We missed our in-time-for-Christmas target but it is out. CINDERELLA REIMAGINED: An Anthology of Cinderella Retellings is available on Amazon, USA, UK and Europe.

Do you sometimes feel you are living a Cinderella life? Maybe there is a little Cinderella in all of us. Even your favorite guy best friend may have his happily ever after, Cinderella style. 

Don’t take your shoe shopping routine for granted. You never know who might be there to help you try on your new perfect pair, a pair that may not be just ordinary shoes. A glass slipper could be magical or perhaps one left behind in need of a little TLC. Remember, magic dwells in the most unexpected places.

And do let some step-sisters surprise you. They are not all ugly. After all, Cinderella is one, too.

Most importantly, don’t let Cinderella fool…

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17 thoughts on “Announcing “Cinderella Reimagined”

      1. I’ve always wanted to do projects like this one. In our poetry group, the one in charge of publishing also goes to other art classes such as photography. He is considering combine the poetry and photography into the anthology for the next publication.
        In the previous 5″x7″ size, we get 8 pages. The new format looks like 9″x12″ (?), we may get 4 pages!

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    1. Thanks! We did it ourselves, it’s throught Amazon’s Create Space, which is on-demand publishing. And my colleague Anne Jailene Aguilar did the heavy lifting on the design and production, which was wonderful. She had such great energy! My part is managing the Amazon royalties and distributions to authors, which is much easier from the U.S. than in S. Africa where Anne lives. 🙂 Glad both of us were in this together!

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