When I look up, part 7

Here we are on Christmas Eve (it may already be Christmas Day where you are in the word!).  I took a photo last week in the lobby of the same building that I featured in “When I Look Up, part 3.”  It’s the holiday season and they were decked out for Christmas.

Photo by Theresa Barker.

Shhh!  Don’t tell anyone.  I took this photo in the lobby when Security Guy was looking the other way.

Here we are in Seattle tonight, getting ready for Christmas tomorrow.  We had the most amazing thing happen this afternoon. My husband came downstairs to the kitchen where I was finishing up a batch of my well-known “black-and-white chocolate chip cookies,” and he said, “Snow?!  Who said it could snow?”  I foolishly thought he meant what they were saying on the radio, the forecast which had just said, “Chance of snow this evening.,” so I didn’t pay attention.  But then, a few minutes later, I stepped to the window, and –

Photo by Erica Thomas.

It was SNOWING!!!  There was snow on the ground!  THAT’s what he meant.

For Seattleites, this is really something strange.  We NEVER get snow on Christmas.  All my life I’ve lived in Seattle, and as a child you always hope for snow on Christmas, right?  And all my life we never had it, this being a marine climate where we get plenty of rain, plenty of gray cloudy days, but rarely snow.

I went outside and just stood in it, watching the snow falling past the streetlight at the end of our street, and thought of Narnia, about the lamppost stands in the snow where Lucy and Mr. Tumnus meet.  It was so quiet.  And so lovely.

Have a wonderful holiday!


22 thoughts on “When I look up, part 7

  1. Merry Christmas, Theresa. What great timing that it snowed on Christmas eve for you. Maybe it’s a sign that Santa is bringing some great treats for you – and he didn’t mind you being cheeky snapping a shot in that building…and the security guard probably wouldn’t have minded anyway 🙂 Those chocolate chip cookies sound so good. I might sneak in and have one 😉

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  2. It snowed last night here in Vancouver, B.C. as well, as I’m writing you this note there is still snow lying on the frozen parts of Lost Lagoon and yes, I’m reminded of Narnia, too! I hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas day! I love your, “when I look up” posts!

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    1. Snowy landscapes seem so romantic. I’m startled by how bright it makes things look, especially at night. I can almost picture your frozen Lost Lagoon, Kimberlee! Thank you so much for the kudos on the Look Up posts!!! 🙂

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  3. ‘I went outside and just stood in it, watching the snow falling past the streetlight at the end of our street, and thought of Narnia, about the lamppost stands in the snow where Lucy and Mr. Tumnus meet.’ Ah now that is what I would have done too, Theresa. Just stood in the quiet of the night as the snow drifted about me and revelled in the surreal beauty of it. How utterly magical to have a white Christmas! xx

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  4. so glad you were able to sneak that photo – ha! you go girl
    and actually – the bulbs look gigantic on that tree – were they?
    but the modern decor is cool.
    and speaking of cool – congrats on your white Christmas – woo hoo

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      1. !!! thank you for your kind message. I didn’t quite realize I’d been absent for that long – it might be the longest I’ve gone between postings. Some family challenges came up – my son moved into university residency housing on Jan 1 and it didn’t quite go as expected. So we’ve been scurrying around helping with a back-up plan. He’s doing much better now! 🙂 I’m looking forward to catching up on your writing. I’ve missed it!

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      2. Good to know that you had a back-up plan and yet it was all sorted out. Giddy times ahead for your son 🙂 I think real life should take over from time to time from our virtual selves, just for some balance. I can imagine how you missed it. I feel like a fish out of water too after some time of missing out on my blogging. xx

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      3. Yeah, he’s doing well. It’s definitely caught all of us by surprise, but he wanted an adventure (sort of) and didn’t quite realize how that would feel emotionally. Hah! I’ve been very flattered that folks like you have mentioned missing me. That is a wonderful feeling! 🙂

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