When I look up, part 6

Harbor Steps0
Photo by Theresa Barker.

How many times do we walk by something that doesn’t get our notice?  If you’re like me, you’ve got your mind on where you’re going, what you’ll do when you get there, making it to the bus on time, to an appointment, figuring out what you need to do over the rest of the week – grocery shopping, etc. – and your surroundings get missed. This week I caught myself doing that in downtown Seattle on the way to the ferry.  This is the Harbor Steps, an elaborate public space with fountains and a smattering of greenery and seating areas (not visible here) and a graceful way to connect the main part of downtown with the Seattle waterfront.  It was a gray Seattle November day when I took this photo last weekend.  I wanted to capture the feeling of looking up, up, up, into this window-slice view from waterfront to downtown along the Harbor Steps.


My photo-taking ability sometimes falls short (I feel), so I went out on Flickr to see what other photographers had done with this site.  These are some lovely images from other artists.  (Don’t forget, you can click on an individual photo in the collage to view each photo on its own – something I learned from another blogger(s), Tom & Audrey at USAThroughOurEyes blog!)


Update on “When I Look Up, part 3” – where I wrote about the multi-panel video art installation in the lobby of a building in Seattle . . .  I took a photo of the lobby placard describing the art project, for those who might be interested in more info –

Melanie Biehle

Are there places you take for granted in your city or town?  What do you think about your own photographs?  (I definitely have “photographer’s envy” for many of my more gifted photo-blogging friends! Hah!)

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