When I look up, part 5

Looking up . . .

Photo by Theresa Barker.

A few weeks ago I was at an event in Port Townsend, Washington, called “Autumn YAWP.”  Fifteen of us or so gathered together over a weekend, and we did a couple of prompted-writing sessions, read a little of our work to each other, and spent time on our own writing.  If you’re anywhere near Port Townsend, you might consider this modestly affordable writing retreat, sponsored by Centrum and offered 3-4 times a year.  I was walking across the campus one afternoon – the weather was gorgeous the first day – when I saw this enormous and beautiful tree.  The first thing I thought was:  Dahlia’s trees!  My writing friend and fellow blogger Dahlia of Stories and More blog has an wonderful and magical way of capturing trees in her photographs, and she brings lovely and imaginative observations about what she sees to her photos.  I knew Dahlia had to see this magnificent tree.  I love how it stands alone, majestic, lush and perfectly filled out.  With the blue sky in the background this tree looked like a bit of the heavens.

IMG_0238 (1)Fast-forward to a day or two later – still in Port Townsend – when I saw this tree.  What happened to the weather?  Gray and dim, clouds on the horizon, the weather had changed.  But this tree!  Such a shape, so defiant, plunging its evergreen branches skyward, buffeted by the wind from the sea.  It whispered to me:  “Dahlia needs to see me!”

… and looking down!


Not too long ago my friend and blogger Dippy-Dotty Girl of A Dippy-Dotty Girl’s Travel Tales wrote a blog post about which leaves were which in her autumn leaf neighborhood.  In my wanderings around town in Port Townsend, I saw some of the leaves she’d written about.

The five-pointed leaves at the base of the bollard (that wharf-post) on the left are maples leaves!  The symmetrical leaf (shaped like a person?) on the concrete sidewalk on the right is an oak leaf.  (I’m not so confident about other leaf shapes, but I’ve got these memorized!)

Looking up and looking down.  Isn’t it fun to notice things outside our usual view of life?

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26 thoughts on “When I look up, part 5

    1. Hah! I like that idea, Amy! Oh, also, a fun postscript on my previous post (about the art in the building lobby) – yesterday I was in the lobby and I asked the “security guard” if there was a brochure or any additional info on the artists. He said, “That would be a negatory.” (He really did.) So I said, “Well, I’ll take a photo of the displayed plaque over there” (under the art wall) “and I guess that will have to do.” He said (looking at me severely), “Well, you can take a photo of the plaque, but nothing else in the lobby.” – Hah! I’d already taken a photo of the art wall a couple of weeks ago, apparently without detection! (What are they thinking)

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      1. you made me chuckle! yes, he might have been channeling Warf, come to think of it. Young guy, very intent on his job. Well, what else do they have to do all day behind a security desk in a building lobby? 🙂

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  1. Ah Theresa I am so touched, humbled and thrilled. Loved loved the trees – the first one is like a rotund ball (bit like me!) in contrast to the skinny ones in the background. And the second one’s hairstyle is windblown like mine!! No wonder they were calling out to me 😀 But thanks to you for hearing and responding to their call 🙂

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  2. I love photographing trees, it’s one of my crazy quirks. I swear they talk to me begging to have their story told.

    I enjoyed reading your take up and down. I can easily recognize oak, maple, and birch leaves after that I’m clueless. The bark I do much better with. I love the markings on birch, beech, ash, and hickory.

    I completed NaNoWriMo..phew, I can sleep again.


  3. About your question in number six. I think what I am not observing well enough or things from looking up. I do have a down but maybe not often enough And I really need to look between. I love this tree. I used to blog about trees quite often, but have not in a long time. Thanks for all your inspirin’!!!

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      1. Oh! I know how busy you are, Luanne – and your observation reminded me of how much you’ve been involved with Perry and your other feline family members. My hat is off to you!


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