When I look up, part 3


Photo by Theresa Barker.

Have you ever seen an art installation that just knocked your socks off?  A few months ago I discovered a fun and intriguing art installation in the lobby of a building I visit once a week for a meeting.  It’s in the 2nd & Seneca building in Seattle, where they just remodeled the lobby, and if you look up –



– you see this intriguing art work that spans six panels along a high wall of the lobby.

If you look closely at the two photos, you’ll see that the art in the panels is different in photo #1 than it is in photo #2.  THE ART CHANGES! Every couple of weeks a different artist’s work is featured in the panel display.  It’s really fun to see what each artist has done with the panel setup.  For instance, in my photo it’s basically colorful raindrops (in motion), but in other weeks I have seen animated cartoon sports balls bouncing among the different panels, a dawn-to-dusk-to-dawn graphic-illustration of the downtown waterfront with gulls, eagles, ferry boats, etc., a fantasy-street-sidewalk scene with monsters as pedestrians, etc., and (my favorite) videos of actors doing a different thing in each panel and who cross over into different panels.  What I enjoy most is that each artist did something different in these panels, using movement and the sequence of panels.

Sometimes you hear people say that public art is a waste.  Why have it?  Why do we put art into our business places?  I think public art is there to remind us of our other selves, our non-business, non-workaday selves.  Who are we inside, who is that little child that used to climb and chase and dream?  We have so much on our minds in our daily lives, the to-dos, the people we care for, the concerns for our future, etc.  The art we see on our city streets – and inside our urban buildings – helps us connect with that little child.  And being in that little child’s mind gives us a moment to treasure our creativity.  At least, that’s what I think!


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23 thoughts on “When I look up, part 3

  1. ‘…public art is there to remind us of our other selves, our non-business, non-workaday selves. Who are we inside, who is that little child that used to climb and chase and dream?’
    Strikes home and a perfect reminder to unleash that little child inside of each of us. xx

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  2. I’m with Dippy-Dotty Girl—you capture the importance of public art beautifully! 🙂 The art installation is so cool—I’ve never seen anything like it. I love how it allows artists to interpret a single space in their own ways and fill it with different ideas. So inspirational! 🙂

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    1. Oh! “an invitation to interact”! – both personally and in context. Wonderful. Yes, I have noticed that I’m usually the only person in the lobby looking up at the art panels, even though they are moving and are changed every two weeks. Most everyone walks through seemingly without glancing up, or at times a couple of people will have a conversation sitting at the little padded benches in the lobby. Maybe it’s not “cool” to them to be seen staring at the art. Hah!

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