Seven black-and-white pen-and-inks, Day 7

Sketch by Theresa Barker.

Finally!  We have come to Day 7 of black-and-white sketches!  Today:  Coffee.

I experimented with shading in this sketch, and wrote a little fiction story to go with it.  Just to let you know, things have been hectic the past few days in my non-blog life, and when I wrote this the ending came out rather absurd.  I guess I needed something absurd to feel less overwhelmed.  Just sayin’!

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  A big thanks for your thoughts and comments – they are wonderful.


DAY 7. Coffee.  [FICTION]  The wild steam made the café seem more exciting than it was.  When she met Lionel there for their first date, she felt this was the start of something really special.  On that first date she loved his plaid shirt and jeans, it was so retro.  He had a beard that made him look mysteriously appealing.  Like a young Johnny Depp, before he got into all that tax trouble.  Ginny wondered why Lionel was still available; he was such a nice guy, and not bad-looking.  Yes, he was quiet, but that seemed a relief after the blabbermouth men she’d been dating for the past couple of years.  On the second date, though, the wild steam of the espresso machine just made it hard to hear, not exciting, and Lionel was wearing a ratty T-shirt with an unknown band name on the front.   “Girls really dig this look,” he told her as he sat down.  Ginny thought it made him look like a loser.  She excused herself after half an hour.  “Mom,” she told her mother on the way home, “he wasn’t worth it.”  When her mother said, “I know.  You should go back to Ron (her ex),” Ginny threw her cell phone out the window and laughed.  She needed a new cell phone anyway.

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15 thoughts on “Seven black-and-white pen-and-inks, Day 7

  1. I like the clean lines of the sketch – felt like a nice porcelain in plain white – and we know not all materials for mugs are equal .
    And the fiction was fun – like the steam part – and how she was a little steamed up at the end and tossed the phone – and maybe silky or extreme – but actually realistic cos many a mommas would do that – miss the point of a flopped potential – to mention their opinion like with the ex..

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  2. The sketch of the coffee cup looks perfect, I could use that in the morning. I have about 1 & 1/2 to 2 cups of coffee in the morning. Your coffee cup would be perfect for me. I like your fiction story. Sometimes moms do that, they likes some guys that their daughters are dating but their daughters don’t, they don’t say anything until afterwards. Good job writing that story, hopefully put something light on your hectic days!

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      1. Yes, Teresa. My husband set up the Windows 10 for me last night. I tried to install the printer today, but I probably didn’t do it right because Windows 10 is different. He’l fix it for me in a few minutes. I also need to have some programs installed. But so far so good!

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  3. The sketch had a pristine appearance to me begging to have freshly poured black coffee.

    There is something to be said for a man in a flannel shirt and jeans, ruggedly handsome but frequently once they open their mouth I lose some of my steamy fantasy too as your Ginny did. I chuckled when she threw her cell phone out the window.

    Back at my old place in Maine I didn’t have a cell phone just a princess style phone hanging on the wall with a ridiculously stretched out cord hanging and my mother made me so angry. I took the phone right off the wall and wound it out in to the street smashing it. Needless say, I didn’t have a phone until payday but I didn’t miss it. And I appreciated knowing I had silenced my meddling mother.

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    1. Oh! I love this story about the princess phone being smashed in mother-anger! Thank you, Lyn, you made my morning! 🙂 (I thought my ending was over-the-top, but now I know, truth is stranger than fiction! – thank you !)


    1. Yes, blocking would have been a better idea! 🙂 I debated with myself about the ending. It seemed a little frivolous! Thanks for your message, Dahlia! I always look forward to what you think of my characters’ lives! 🙂

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  4. Awesome, my friend! I love the sketch and the story is too cool. I love that you went for the throwing the phone out. That’s what fiction is for. And it’s not so unrealistic. I could do something like that… just not with a brand new Galaxy Note 8 or iPhone 8 / X. Hahaha! NaNo started and I will probably be even absent more. I will keep in touch via email though re. Cinderella. 🙂 Much love and hugs.


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