Seven black-and-white pen-and-inks, Day 6

Things have been busy in my household! – keeping me away from publishing.  It’s nice to know I can come back and publish again, picking up where I left off.  Today we have Day 6 of my 7-day black-and-white image project.  For fun I wrote a little piece that’s a bit of a ways out there.  For my drawing I experimented with a simple image but complicated the shading a bit for fun.  Happy midweek, everyone!


DAY 6. Baseball.  [FICTION]  It was a round moon with stitches.  She was not qualified to judge, but the shadows brought it into eclipse and back out again, and the more times her father tossed the baseball back and forth to her, the orb thudding solidly into the sweet palm of her Little League mitt, the more she felt herself growing lighter, becoming free of gravity, floating high above the small grassy field where they stood some meters apart, she in her twelve-year-old body, and her father at forty-something, and this was years before the final illness that took him away into another place.  She hung above the grassy space like the hovering gull in a strong wind, then without notice she slowly wafted back into the girl-body she had back then and went on with her life.

Thanks for visiting!  (More tomorrow!)


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24 thoughts on “Seven black-and-white pen-and-inks, Day 6

    1. Thank you, Miriam, for your lovely comment. It is a little sad, yes, not sure where that came from, probably thinking about my granddaughter and her father’s passing when she was 3 (a couple of years ago). But this girl in my story at least had all those years together with her father! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Joy! Especially your message about the sketch. It is a simple object, but the stitching was an interesting challenge. And, still learning about shade and shadows! BTW, I use your tip about cross-hatching all the time! 🙂

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