Seven black-and-white pen-and-inks, Day 2

DAY 2.  This week Miriam Hurdle of The Shower of Blessings blog inspired me to post seven black-and-white images as part of a challenge she was doing.  I thought, why not? – and so this is a series of posts with a new pen-and-ink drawing in each post.

About my sketching:  When I decided to experiment with learning to sketch, I never expected to share my sketches publicly.  That would be too scary, it would look amateurish, and readers would think it was “goofy” to put up my (potentially terrible) drawings (I thought).  But … wait!  Fellow bloggers have been unfailingly supportive of my efforts to try something new.  Some even said they liked my drawings.  Wow!

Inspired by another fellow blogger, Amy Maranto of Photography Journal Blog, today I wanted to share with you a “before” and “after” sketch, of a fence across a snowy field.  The sketch on the right was my first attempt.  I enjoyed how the fence posts came out across the snow, along with the shadows to the left of the posts.  But the shading (in pencil) didn’t stand up to the inked-in fence posts in the scanned version – too light.  Since the shading was in pencil, that allowed me to erase it and try version two (on the right).

Taking a cue from blogger yellowfuzzyduck (Joy) at TurtleDesk, I decided to go bold with my shading in the second version.  Abstract-like squiggles and patterns replaced the subtle thin-pencil lines in the first version.  Even though the “squiggles” were not technically representative of the actual image I was sketching, I think it worked out pretty well.  Thanks for visiting!

(More tomorrow!)

p.s.  Here is the photo I used for my sketch … very dramatic, isn’t it?
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DAY 1 here. 


24 thoughts on “Seven black-and-white pen-and-inks, Day 2

    1. Ah! It takes a photographer’s eye to spot the point that the orange sky in the photo makes that image pop. After reading your thoughts I went back and looked more closely at the two versions of my sketch, and I saw how the “squggled” version brought up some of that dramatic quality that was missing without the color. Very interesting, Amy!

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  1. Beautifully done. I enjoyed them both for different reasons. The bolder one reminded me how stark the black and white is on a morning after a snowstorm. Mother Nature reminding us all that sometimes that is the whole picture black and white. The second one with less distinction I pondered the black and white wondering what the gray area hid from me. What’s hidden behind the shading in the picture that T isn’t sharing? My muse jumped on your scene and decided in my novel I need a field with snow and a line of fence posts casting a shadow in one of my scenes with Mairin. I think I’m going to have her car break down and she’s trodding along in the snow and of course there’s the fence seeming to go on forever.

    Thanks for the visual inspiration.

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    1. Lyn! Thank you for sharing your thoughtful response to my post! Hearing about how you perceived the two different images. – That there might be something hidden behind the gray area. So cool! And, you made my week by suggesting a field of snow with a long fence has a place in your novel. I’m thrilled! 🙂

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  2. I love them both! (And yes, it is a dramatic photo!) In the first sketch, I really like how dark the fence is in contrast to the white snow, and the consistency in which you shaded the piece. I also like the abstract shading method you used in the second sketch, and how the shadow of the fence is very clear. Good job on both! 🙂 And thanks for the blog mention!


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