In which Theresa posts seven black-and-white pen-and-inks here

for Miriam Hurdle at the Shower of Blessings blog!

Girl and Breath, sketch by Theresa Barker.

When the wind came she floated, floated out to sea. Those who are invisible breathe air just like we do, but their breaths take an entire day to register. It is in the wind that their exhalations take form. Eternally she floated, sometimes blue, sometimes yellow, sometimes white, and the days went into weeks went into years before she returned. At the moment of return she found it all changed, the pearl water beaded on the surface of her heart and along the freckles of the sand.

(More tomorrow!)

18 thoughts on “In which Theresa posts seven black-and-white pen-and-inks here

  1. I like this sketch, Teresa. I haven’t done too many sketches freehanded. That is another thing I should practice. There are so many things I want to learn and more things to keep practicing. I’ll never have a boring moment!

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      1. Ah! Just worked on a new sketch this morning, and I am finding it really relaxing. Never realized that before! It’s difficult to find things that relax and still engage one’s mental processes. I love how open you are to learning new things! 🙂

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      2. I think when I focus in art creation, I’m also doing something that makes me smile and relax, so it’s not like any kind of work, it’s fun. Yes, I got a whole bunch of degrees because I wanted to learn. Now I still want to learn abut don’t want to do homework and don’t want to worry about grades!

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