Daily life Part 4

Now it’s on to breakfast …and the morning puzzles in the newspaper.  (I know:  reading a newspaper is so quaint!)

In the morning I like to make a small bowl of oatmeal, with frozen blueberries (partly thawed), a few nuts, and some milk.  I flip through the paper for headlines and not-too-depressing news items, and then I tackle the crossword.  (I’ve been known to work the Sudoku puzzle too!)  My son and I like to work on the “Jumble” (anagrams of words) together, and that makes it a special time for us together.

Photo by Theresa Barker.

Here is a confession:  my husband has a favorite puzzle in the paper, the “KenKen,” a numerical/mathematical puzzle.  I used to always leave it for him to do, and in turn he leaves the crossword puzzle for me to do (if not, I give him “the grumpy look”).  But recently I got a hankering to try the KenKen more regularly.  We each wanted to do it!  What to do, what to do? … Drawing on my recent sketch-a-day project, I started to draw the KenKen every morning for myself to do. Here it is:

Photo by Theresa Barker.

After breakfast and puzzles, it’s on to the work of the day.  Meantime, Mittens and Pickles are getting in their first relaxation of the day.

Photo by Theresa Barker.
Photo by Theresa Barker.

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19 thoughts on “Daily life Part 4

  1. I admire your discipline, my friend. My morning is more like “Oh hell, no time… let me put on clothes, brush teeth… Oh gosh, Jeslyn must get up and get dressed for school. Argh! Late again. Can I even have a cup of coffee?” I wonder if I can change myself to become a morning person… but I might have to sacrifice my evening productivity. Sigh!
    I used to do puzzles as well. Sudoku mainly.
    Oh, reading the physical paper is definitely quaint. 🙂 I avoid the news. But I can’t escape from it as they’re on social media as well.

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    1. Ah. I am not the mom of a four year old, so I have a little spare time in the morning, my good friend! 🙂 I remember those days. Will I ever get a chance to breathe? haha And, I, too, get a burst of late-night productiveness more often then not, usually regret it the next day. Thank you, Anne! ❤


  2. Oh, we went out to eat last night. When we got to the restaurant, I saw a couple from the church. We joined them. The wife said she used to do crossword every day for many years, but lately, the Orange County Registry changed and uses LA Times crossword. She doesn’t like it. I don’t know what Ken Ken is.

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    1. How well I know the feeling! I do the NYTimes Crossword, too, and I appreciate its consistency in the clues, and also how it gradually gets harder over the week, so that you can count on Mondays and Tuesdays being much less difficult than Fridays and Saturdays. I have found other crosswords to be less consistent, so I can agree with your friend!

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      1. Oh, you are so right, when it’s too difficult it feels immensely frustrating. Somewhere I learned the secret that the NY Times crosswords start out easy on Mondays and progressively become more difficult. After that, I started to just do the Mondays, and maybe attempt Tuesdays … and eventually I am now where I try them every day. Though many times w the more difficult ones, i look up an answer or two, particularly if it’s a celebrity or an athlete.

        There’s a fun documentary on crossword puzzles featuring Will Shortz (editor of the NYT puzzle), in which esteemed puzzle maker Merle Reagel (deceased now, sadly) said: it’s okay to look up the answers to help yourself learn! So, I do.

        And now, my son Alec has started doing the Mondays on his own (we sometimes do the puzzles together) and he can almost complete the whole Monday solo! Fun.

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      2. I used to play a computer game, the higher level it gets, the more programmed manipulation it has, to a point that there is only one move I could make. I restarted it many time to do the first 100 levels. Eventually I quit, especially when I started taking classes.

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    1. Interesting! I like the blueberries (I put them in the microwave for about 20 seconds, about 1/4 cup), and I’ve experimented (briefly) with other types of frozen berries, such as strawberries or blackberries, but the blueberries keep their form a little better after being frozen, whereas strawberries in particular can get mushy quickly. Which you want sometimes, like a topping on ice cream! but which puts me off when combined w oatmeal. I also cook my oatmeal carefully so it does not turn into mush, still has a grainy (but not gritty) texture. It’s funny how we have these ideosyncracies, eh?

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      1. I do have them, I know. For instance, I like WHOLE strawberries, absolutely no mush. And fruit in general is suspect because it gets mold and worms and stuff. I’m more of a veggie person. But I do love raspberries, cherries, and blackberries. And pristine bananas.

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    1. Hah! We are both mathematicians, but actually the KenKen is almost like a Sudoku, in that you only have one of each number in rows and columns of a grid. The numbers are related by numerical operations (e.g., addition, subtraction, etc.) as the clues. 🙂 Thanks, Yvette!

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  3. What a great and creative solution to the puzzle sharing problem!! I usually read the news on the computer with my coffee but lately I barely skim the depressing headlines then check the weather forecast and a quick look at the local news website. I love anagrams!! A fond memory I have with my ex husband was doing anagram puzzles. I actually found a website at the time that you could create your own anagrams. We would pick a theme and create puzzles for each other! It’s nice to recall some happy times with the ex. It’s nice to not focus only on the sadder times. 😀


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