Two recent sketches

“You must laugh at yourself, laugh and laugh.” – Susan Stewart, “Lessons From Television”

Sketch by Theresa Barker.

And then she started laughing. The kite tugged at her hands along the kite string, the energy of her laughing bounced the breezes and bumped up the kite, unseen by us, but dancing in her eyes, so that we saw her lively heart and her faith in being beloved. That was all we needed for the moment.



“A shadow in the shape of a house/slides out of a house/and loses its shape on the lawn.” – Christian Wiman, “Darkness Starts”

Sketch by Theresa Barker.

What is she thinking?  She’s walking her dog.  Probably thinking about email, or what she has to do at work, or about that job, how it feels like a dead-end.  A millennial, she could be doing so much more.  But you have to have a job to earn money and this isn’t her parent’s world, the world of the baby boomer who had nowhere to go but up.  This is the realities of the 2000s, this is the time of partisan in-fighting, this is the time of environmental setbacks and global climate change, the time of things you can’t do much about as one person, seemingly.  She is walking her dog.  That’s all she is doing.


What is this about?

Laughing Girl – As I continue with my “sketch-a-day” efforts, I’m experimenting with adding color to the inked-in drawing.  In the top sketch, I liked how the flower in the hair turned out, and I thought the color patterning on the girl’s bright fabric shirt made a nice effect.  The pattern was actually flowers, large and small, on a red background.  Rather than draw each flower individually, I went for an “impression of a floral print” approach.   (They say hands and facial features are the hardest to draw.  Yes, these didn’t quite work out as in the photo.  You can see the original photo on Flickr here.  But, I continue to learn!)

Shadow Girl – Aha!  Did you notice, no hands or facial features in this photo!  I liked the angle of this photograph, that it was taken from above the subject.  The trickier part of the drawing were the shadows and the angle of perspective.  I was happy with it.  (Original photo here.)


Thanks to all!

With each sketch is my little reflection or fiction on the subject.  Thanks to yellowfuzzyduck at turtledesk blog, who recently published some of her acrylic work in a blog post, and to Miriam Hurdle of The Show of Blessings blog who often posts her paintings as well.  To Amy Maranto of Photography Journal Blog for explaining the process behind her creativity in photographs, and to so many others . . .  I still feel self-conscious about exposing my small efforts to the world at large, but thanks to you, all my blogging colleagues, for your encouragement!

18 thoughts on “Two recent sketches

  1. Theresa, these are beautiful. I really love your sketch of the girl with the kite. The patterns on her clothes are lovely!! The shadow girl sketch is wonderful as well. I like how you faintly shaded in the shadows of the leaves in the tree; it makes the drawing even more realistic. Keep those creative juices flowing (and thank you for the blog mention)!! 🙂

    P.S. I just sent you an email, in case you wanted to check it out 🙂

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    1. yellowfuzzyduck, hearing your complimentary thoughts really boosts my confidence. In the shadows and in the clothing patterns I was experimenting with a particular pencil line to give the impression of a shadow, and it’s nice to hear you thought it was effective. In the second photo (overhead of the woman walking her dog), I thought about adding the cross-lines on the sidewalk, because I really liked it as part of the visual design in the photo. But, in the sketch, I felt it might have interfered with the graceful line of the woman’s figure in the puffy coat, so decided to omit it. The shadows of leaves helped add some interest in the absence of the sidewalk lines, I think. Again, thanks, your work is one of my inspirations! 🙂


  2. I checked the original images and those are photographs, right? Considering that, you did a fabulous job, my friend. Your sketching is really improving and it’s a real delight to see them. I would take photos instead. No drawing/painting/sketching talent here at all. Hahaha! What’s even better with your work is that they are accompanied by a little story.

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    1. Thank you, Anne! Yes, they are photos from Flickr. I am encouraged by your kind message! I even got up the nerve to try a sketch for a family event flyer I was making, instead of using clip art…ha! :). Thank you, my friend!

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  3. You did a marvelous job Theresa with both the pictures. Amazing really and thanks so much for rising above your inhibitions and sharing your creative process – it is so encouraging and inspiring 🙂

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    1. Yes, of course, you are welcome! Thank you for your kind compliment. I was just telling a friend how self-conscious I am about sharing my sketches, I feel so amateurish about them. But with the encouragement online has emboldened me, and it helps motivate me to continue to draw anyway. ! 🙂 Hope all is well on your side of the pond!

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  4. Well done Theresa! I felt the laughter between the drawing and the writing. I also felt the weight of “worry and thinking” that is always just near the surface of consciousness even when we are trying to just enjoy walking the dog. 🙂

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