Girl and Kite

You feel the tug of the wind on the kite string.  At last you have gotten it into the air.  It’s almost bigger than you are, and it’s blue and black and white and pink and it floats and flies and dives.  You wonder what it might be like to be up, up, up, on top of the kite, looking down.  Seeing yourself, your own little figure looking up.  Are you just another bug on the ground, just another black-topped head it sees from beyond?  The wind pulls it, a primordial force, like something beyond all of time.  You laugh.  The tails, the tatters, all too soon the kite will come crashing down, its life depleted.  But for now it hangs, buoyed by the air and the wind, and by the imagination of your mind.

Sketch by Theresa Barker.


A few months ago I started attempting to sketch.  It was awful at first.  This week I did my 60th sketch:  Girl and Kite.

And a big “Hello!” out there to all my blogging friends who sketch!  Thank you for the encouragement!  (You know who you are!)

19 thoughts on “Girl and Kite

    1. Oh! I am blushing. It’s a creative expression, and I enjoy that when I post my sketches, readers are kind. There is something to the hand-drawn line that intrigues us, isn’t there? Thank you for your kind message! 🙂

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      1. Hehe. You deserve the compliment, my friend. I actually think that sketches are better to use for images in a book (to go with the story texts) than photographs, especially if the paper isn’t coffee-table-book-shiny type. 🙂


  1. I think your skethc is lovely, Theresa. Can’t say anything about it. If anything, there’s a sense of youth and adventure coming through what you illustrated. Practise can make us better ourselves at what we do, or at the very least change our perspective of what we want to put out there. It even had a bit of colour too 🙂

    It is a nice positive spin you put there with your words. Though the kite comes down, the memories of fun and joy linger within us. What’s past is past, but sometimes we will always remember how something, someone or a moment made us feel 🙂

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    1. Oh! Mabel I read your comment earlier, but wanted to savor the lovely sentiment you expressed. I really loved the phrase, “there’s a sense of youth and adventure coming through what you illustrated”. I hoped to capture the girl’s liveliness, and that was an enticement to sketching this image. I think I succeeded in relatively decent proportions (head, face, arms, torso), and next time I would love to make her face a bit more curious.

      And your words about the writing are very special. I would love to be able to float high enough, like a seagull does, to look down and view those bound to the earth. “What’s past is past, but sometimes we will always remember how something, someone or a moment made us feel” – lovely. Thank you!


      1. I thought the girl was a normal girl. Proportion and whether she was drawn correctly or not didn’t cross my mind. She was just there, a part of the story you created 🙂

        You can both write and illustrate, Theresa. Maybe you can put both in a book some day 🙂 Have a good weekend and a good week ahead.

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