Speckle and Toast: a meditation for late summer

Encore post:  For Tami

Toast lay on the cool vinyl floor.  The radio was on again and the day was fresh.  Smells of summer came in through the window, filling the kitchen with heated scents of summer flowers.  It was too warm to move, and the cool floor felt like a bath.  It was a blast getting into Tami’s yarn stash, and she looked so consterned when she discovered it.  Speckle was in the other room reading the paper.  Toast listened to Chopin’s Prelude – “Raindrop” – the drop of the repeated note making him drowsy.  One day cats would take over the world.  For now, they slept.

Sketch by Theresa Barker.


A few months ago I offered to write a story about Tami’s cats, Toast and Speckle, in a future blog post. Then, when I made this sketch last month, it fit with an end-of-summer story. Tami writes a blog called “Tanglewood Knots,” about crocheting and sometimes baking.

It’s been hot and wildfire-ashy here the past two days, humid as well.  I’m ready for the weather to break.  I think that’s why this post appealed to me so much today.  I feel so much like the cat in the sketch!

And a big “Hello!” out there to all my blogging friends’ feline friends!  (You know who you are!)

21 thoughts on “Speckle and Toast: a meditation for late summer

      1. The weather is so strange. The heat came back 4 or 5 days ago to 90s, then had lighting and thundering and then a little shower. Then stopped. We expected it to rain but it didn’t. Now is in 80s. Yes, it’s still hot. I think it’ll be hot well into October!

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  1. Oh Theresa I am convinced that you were a cat in a previous life! The story felt very feline. Thank you for mentioning my little blog. Toast will be impossible to live with now because he thinks he has some sort of celebrity status! I suspect that the reason he’s on the window sill now is because he’s keeping an eye out for paparazzi! Speckle is acting unimpressed but I can hear her purring a little louder than usual! 😀

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