You are my favorite monster

For Toast and Speckle (Tami at Tanglewood Knots blog)

AND, for Purryl, Yeats, and Macavity (Lyn at LynCrain blog), Perry and Kana, Felix, Pear, Tiger, Sloopy Anne (Luanne at Writer Site blog)

“Consider two cats in the sun/Who, slit-eyed, knit four threads of light/Into silence worn at night./Consider two cats in the sun/Who, lazy and languorous, take their ease/and twist four shimmering strands of peace/Into pin-clawed snares of travail/No concernment can unravel.” – Charles Olaf Olsen, “Consider Two Cats”


You are my favorite monster.

You prowl around the two-legged humans, who, unsuspecting, scratch you behind the ears and call you beguiling names.  Kitty, Kitty!  they say, as they put down a dish of moist cat food and tempt you to eat.  But you, you sit aloof, some distance away, properly, on your haunches, a look of inscrutability on your features.  What do you care if they want you to eat?  You will eat in the dark of midnight, in the hours of sleep, when they don’t see you and they least expect it.  You will eat their dreams, their desires.  Their spirits.  And when they awake, disheveled and out of sorts, you will smile.

Another long day of work ahead for them.  Another long day of sleep ahead for you.

Where do you take their dreams, their desires, their spirits?  You can get a good price for them on the black market of travail.

Who is the cat now, and who the mouse?
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23 thoughts on “You are my favorite monster

  1. Fantastic Theresa!! I think that you have captured the spirit and personality of Speckle perfectly. She is so mysterious and I would not be surprised at all if she is eating my dreams!!! 😀

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  2. My daughter’s dog Oscar, before he passed away with heart failure, used to sit all day, but roamed around and ate at night. I happened to sleep in a room where closet had a dog door to go out to the deck. Oscar went in and out at night. I was smiling when I read your story!!

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      1. He was Will’s mom’s dog. They adopted Oscar when Will’s mom passed away knowing he has heart problem, took him to ER on one night. So his passing was expected, They had a fun time with him for 10 months.

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  3. I loved it, you could have easily been discussing Purryl, Yeats or Macavity, (our feline family). They each have their personalities and sometimes I do feel like I’m tolerated too. Cats are such aloof creatures, aren’t they? MIne, as I write, are sleeping, one in my lap, one on the table in the front of the window and one in my office chair.

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  4. LOL, how perfect!!! You must have been spying in my house! My kitties all put their ears up when I read them their names on your blog!!! I saw the name Macavity. My dearly departed Mac (two years ago he passed away) was a Macavity. I should never have named him that because he immediately became it. “He’s called the hidden paw.” Before he turned a year old, Mac must have spirited away at least one of every pair of most of my dangle earrings! But I was always his favorite monster, just like I’m Perry’s ;). I am a mouse.

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    1. I am so happy to hear about your read-aloud to your cats! I think of Perry often, and now that I know the other cats’ names, I am thrilled. that’s so funny that Mac was intent on your earrings. ” But I was always his favorite monster” – love this. Completely in the spirit! Thank you, Luanne!

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