In which Theresa reflects on her accomplishments

Photo by Erica Thomas.

Every year I like to post an update about my work. Many friends and colleagues have asked me whether my work has been published (yes, it has!), and if so, where they can read it. Here is a brief update:

Published story.   In April 2017 “Equivocation” was published in the UK journal Grievous Angel. An affluent town finds itself in need of borrowing bodies for hedonistic pursuits, so it makes a deal with a neighboring in-need town. But things don’t go quite as planned. (Click here to read. –and, more of my work is forthcoming in this journal.)

Blog series: Mindfulness. Earlier this year I created a series of brief articles on mindfulness. Mindfulness can be hard, and many of us are exploring how to increase our ability to “live in the moment.”  In this series, I focus on a particular strategy each week, such as reminding myself of my intent, or focusing on the details, while doing a task. If this is of interest to you, you may want to check out my series here.

Blog series: The Productive Writer.  In this blog I authored a six-part blog series on becoming a more productive writer. As writers, we often think, “Why can’t I get more done?” (I know I do!) This series provides a variety of thoughtful and informative approaches to motivate your writing.  Many writers have said they found it useful AND inspiring! Interested? Click here.

Fiction-poetry-essays and longer works. Do you know someone who enjoys “Twilight-Zone” style stories (stories with a twist)? If so, consider letting them know about my work. I’m still posting fiction snippets, poetry sketches, and reflection essays here, on my “Lab Notes” blog.  Later this month some of my longer stories will be serialized on the writers’ platform Wattpad.

Sketch by Theresa Barker.

What are your plans or thoughts for the rest of the year?  When you look back over 2017 so far, what are you especially proud of?  I’d love to hear.

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20 thoughts on “In which Theresa reflects on her accomplishments

  1. Wow Theresa. You never cease to amaze us. You are becoming so accomplished. The link to the article, “Urban Fantasist” is wonderful. As for my plans… Tom will continue his plodding along with his manuscript and we’ll be continuing to write about our journeys with USAthroughoureyes. It is all joy!

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    1. Thank you for your kind note, Tom & Audrey! For my part, I enjoy the images on USAthroughoureyes so much. They are unusual and unique, and I feel like I’m living for a few moments in the path that you’ve taken. Wonderful!

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  2. Wow, Teresa, you have accomplished a lot. I’m glad that you have so much to show forth as you recaptured you year long accomplishment. I just signed up for my Wattpad account. It looks like we can follow. I’ll spend some time to look at it1

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      1. Thank you, it sounds like we should show by the end of September whether the submissions are included. I submitted another writing to a Christian anthology book, that one will take a year to know, maybe several weeks before it’s published! I may forget about that submission before it’s published!!!

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  3. Well done Theresa!! I’m certain your experiences, exercises and experiments have inspired and helped so many writers. I’ve also found so much creative insight and inspiration from you! I love how the process of “making something out of thin air” has so many parallels for us. I enjoy your stories so much. I especially love anything with a twist! A few months back I wrote two very short stories that were sort of Twilight Zone style – . If you ever have a moment to take a peek at them but no worries if you don’t. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring us both – I can see you selling some manuscripts and maybe me selling some afghans!! 😀


    1. Hi Tami! thank you! and thanks for the invitation to read your stories. I liked them! I posted my thoughts over on the story posts, but you have really intriguing ideas, especially about conversations between unusual entities! Thanks again! 🙂

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    1. Oh, Amy, good question. Actually, this blog post came out of another project, which was that I send an annual letter by email to my LinkedIn connections (via MailChimp). While most (or all) of them are not in my “reader audience” for science fiction (or blogging), I feel like if they are aware of my work, they may recommend it to friends who do like to read SF. And, people seem to enjoy receiving a once-a-year catch-up email. This time of year (late August) seems like a good time (better than holidays) because not much is going on. Sort of a small side project to stay in touch with a different community than my blogging community. Since I had written the letter and it included the productive writer and the mindfulness series, I thought it might be nice to put those in one post to the blogging audience as well. But I probably won’t do it more than once a year, though I do enjoy reading some of my other blogging colleagues’ updates when they post them. Thanks for asking! 🙂

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      1. Yeah, there is a sudden whoom! at the end of August with the arrival of school season, isn’t there? I’m enjoying a sort of lull as kids get back into school here in the city and as we don’t yet have holidays at our heels. 🙂

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