Girl on the Platform

The girl stood on the train platform, brown luggage clustered at her feet.  Was the train late?  She did not understand the train schedule posted at the station.  The symbols of this language were not the symbols of her own language.  If she’d been her father’s daughter, she could have read the language easily.  But she was not.  Abandonment is such a cruel act.  – No, it is the act of a coward.  What parent does not care for their offspring?  What parent serves himself first?  The callous parent, the parent who vanishes with no words left behind for a daughter.  The parent who is her father.

But she is here now.  On this station platform waiting for the train, her luggage at her feet.  She cannot read the language of her father.  But she can recover the loss of her heart.


Sketch by Theresa Barker.

Today I’m sharing a new piece, and a new sketch to go with it.  Thank-you! to everyone who has encouraged me to keep drawing!  It’s great to see my progress and I’m happy to share it on my blog.

Have you ever stood on a train platform in a strange country where you may not speak the language?  Does it make you fearful, or do you enjoy the challenge? Do you like travel, or do you prefer to stay home?

24 thoughts on “Girl on the Platform

  1. We like the writing and the sketch Theresa. Yes I can relate to standing on such a platform and not knowing the language or lay of the land and the emotions that come with it. Its scary and exhilarating but as I look back it was also character building. As you know we have such a joy and heart for traveling now that perhaps can be traced back to that moment on a platform all alone.

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    1. “As you know we have such a joy and heart for traveling now that perhaps can be traced back to that moment on a platform all alone.” – how poetic, Tom & Audrey! I can picture you on a platform, perhaps waiting for a train, wondering what is coming next. 🙂 Thank you!

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  2. This immediately reminded me of a dance I did in my last year of school for my Jazz exam😁 It was a solo and the ‘story’ was of a girl on train station feeling lost at first but at the end finding comfort and confidence and happily chewing away on a sandwich all the way off stage 😂 it was some beautiful choreography by my dance teacher and I really miss it all (I stopped dance class now that I’m overseas unfortunately 😭)

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    1. Bianca, thank you for this unique and lovely reminiscence! You paint the image beautifully. That the dance was a solo and that centered on a girl at a train station really excites my imagination. I would have loved to have seen it. Maybe I’ll try some dance performances here in Seattle this fall at the University or downtown. You’ve inspired me! 🙂 Thank you for commenting!

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  3. I really enjoy your sketch/writing combos Theresa! I am not a world traveler but I enjoy little jaunts closer to home. It’s not that I’m afraid of travel, I just have very little interest in doing it myself. In your sketch story I feel like she is going on a journey more than a holiday trip. 🙂

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    1. Ah! Thank you, Tami! I like your notion of this character’s journey vs. vacationing. Yes, she’s looking to find something or to settle something, but I think she’s mostly there already, in her mind. And, thank you for the encouragement about my sketch-writing combos. I do those in my private “daily exercise” writing, and it’s fun to occasionally share them! I hope your August is still going well!

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  4. Such a unique idea Theresa to sketch and write 🙂 Recently I traveled by train and I captured the photo of a grandma, a young girl (daughter? Daughter in law? a stranger?) and two little children. I did wonder about their story and you just revived the memory with this post. Maybe I will write something too – thank you 🙂

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  5. Hello Theresa. ☺ Wow! Great sketch and awesome piece. Very soon you’ll publish a whole book with your own sketches. You’re truly talented.
    Train platforms are great, I think. I’ve stood in France, Thailand, Hong Kong, Spain and Italy. Then again, with English not my first language, I should count the UK, too. ☺

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      1. I can envision a sci-fi story even… hmm… I know you are amazing at sci-fi, too. You’re just awesome, actually. 🙂 I am going to be looking out for that story. I do think it’s going to make for great reading.

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