Girl and Leather Jacket – sketch project Day 36 #fictionfriday

Sketch by Theresa Barker.


The day was warm, but I wore my leather jacket anyway.  Simone and the others wanted to go that new bar out on Excelsior Street, and I had to look impressive.  I might meet a new lover – well, one can hope, can’t one?

At the beginning it seemed promising.  I could almost smell the scent of love in the air.  Not all the guys looked liked geeks this time, and one or two were even attractive.  It was hugely noisy and I could hardly hear the conversation, but then I wasn’t there for the conversation, was I?

It wasn’t long before I had a tap on my shoulder.  This was it, I thought.  Maybe Mr. Right at last.  I closed my eyes for just a second, praying to the dating gods not to send me a loser like the last three times.

I turned around.  He was the most gorgeous man I’d seen in a long time.  He had a great smile, and he looked interested.

“Excuse me,” he said – and his voice was just a tad squeaky, like he was nervous. So cute.  “I was wondering-”

He would ask me for my phone number.  No – we would leave the bar together and go out dancing.  Then, later . . .

“I was wondering, where did you get that great jacket?”

Jacket?  He was asking about the jacket?  Oh – right – that was his opening line!

“Um, well it was at Marzipan.  That little shop downtown?”  This was a small town, he was bound to know it.  “On sale,” I added.  Didn’t want him to think me a spendthrift.

He nodded.  “It’s leather, right?”

“Yeah.”  I gathered my things, and I was about to suggest we go somewhere else, when he said:

“It looks perfect.”

“It is,” I said.  I picked up my keys.

“It looks like it’s comfortable.  I think my girlfriend would love it.  Thanks!”


“Actually,” I said, “it’s not for sale any more.  I got the last one.”  I savored that look of quashed disappointment in his eyes.


Day 36.  Leather Jacket.  This is part of my sketch-a-day project – well, I don’t sketch every day, but close!

Doing the sketch-a-day project gives me a chance to warm up for writing.  Do you ever sit down at your desk or computer to write, and think, is this all there is?  Is nothing coming out today?  I don’t feel like writing anything.  Having something to sketch sometimes helps me get started.  I think, it’s okay, it’ll only take a few minutes.  And it’s surprising how good I feel afterward.

Blogging is something else I do every day or so.  It always feels wonderful to think: someone may read what I’ve written on my blog!  I am immensely grateful to my readers – THANK YOU!

Has your daily or semi-daily practice of blogging changed your life?  How?

23 thoughts on “Girl and Leather Jacket – sketch project Day 36 #fictionfriday

  1. 36 days! Nice work! Love the story (haha!) and the sketch. I agree – a preliminary sketch can really help inspire writing! Blogging motivates me to create more, whether it’s poetry, crafts, or a just quick sketch. Thanks for sharing, Theresa!

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    1. Thank you, yellowfuzzyduck. I love that you get that motivational “bump” from blogging. I really value the feeling of having an AUDIENCE. It makes a huge difference to feel you’re being heard! (or, read.). I’m so glad we’ve connected. Thank you for taking the time to post your observations in a comment! 🙂

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  2. I love the sketch and the story. I do have one suggestion for this line… It was hugely noisy and I could hardly hear the conversation, It is clunky and could easily be corrected with something less clunky on the tongue when reading out loud. I am one of those readers, I enjoy reading out loud, it helps me with my poetry especially picking up the cadence.
    I’m guilty of doodling a lot in my morning pages.

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      1. And that end! It’s something I’d do. Hahaha! Some people say I’m too kind or too nice so I like my characters to be mean.
        Always a pleasure to read your stories. 🤗💖

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  3. Oh Theresa she reminds me of myself back in the early 80’s!! That whole sense of “will I meet someone”. I had ‘the’ leather jacket that was my confidence armor too!! Mine had some very padded shoulders – which were popular at the time. 😀 Good for her with biting back at him, I wouldn’t have had the courage to do that. I would have limped back home afterwards to lick my wounds.

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