“It’s a Local Production”-2 #tuesdayfiction


Margy, the costumer for a local community theater, is confronted with the need to make a new giraffe head for their production.  Coyote, a fashionista, has demanded her costume be cleaned before she wears it on stage, and Crow constantly complains his costume, the only professionally-made costume among the cast, “doesn’t have enough feathers.”


“It’s a Local Production”

https://www.flickr.com/photos/dgonzal111139/14243259087/in/photolist-91GJG5-g6mGpJ-nGCqGx-a2efqT-iToCuJ-onvtXa-9D4JcB-o1S3Uh-cAJyZ3-4PqEKQ-4KZCDh-9ZW2T8-dijmMe-4KZCt1-37abQc-5ecEXJ-6rehHL-eLTwd-dMkqdD-fpQw6Z-sWzVs-5dGH5J-d8dbY-cjqBVd-4XfFCg-8V4gqy-4gi2Ga-dbm37p-6BUkd7-dijkTQ-aJvXN-715oA1-5DGEt-a2eeKz-4KVnV6-9LXrHE-6fDAMn-9LDE2T-aAH1f2-6LG5ys-a2hand-8MnibF-gtiRav-6rdzVp-eTL3Rz-bkRSrR-84h4q6-qBvqo-9tdWTN-9Z3frPI had hoped the giraffe head would do for the production – Bronx Zoo – without too much fuss.  But as I examined the head more closely, I saw the fabric was parting in several places.  It might hang together if I lined it . . .but I could see the whole thing was on the verge of disintegration.

I felt bad.  Giraffe was one of the few who didn’t complain unduly.  He didn’t have many lines, and he always showed up on time for every rehearsal.  More than I could say for many of the others.

I was always grateful that my mother had taught me to sew.  You didn’t see that many people these days who could sew, but back in the day my mom made her own clothes, and mine too.  That had been a lifetime ago, yes, before she’d gone into Memory Care and had to forget her knowledge at the command of an age-impaired brain.  Still, the sewing did me well and I liked the way it made me think of her and the time we had together.

I studied the head.  Maybe I could make a new head for Giraffe, replace the old worn-out version.  The rest of the costume was new-ish.  I’d lucked into a giraffe-print fabric on sale at Joann’s, and I still had some left over.  Who’d have thought it?  Giraffe prints were rare at fabric stores.  You saw much more leopard or even tiger prints – but I’d gotten lucky with it.

I told Giraffe, “I’m sorry about this.  I’ll see if I can rustle you up a new head.”  The look on Giraffe’s face was worth it.  He beamed.

“Really?  Thanks, Margy.”

It was worth it.  Giraffe had a small confidence problem.  Probably being so tall – over six feet – and still only in his teens was a a big part of it.  Seetha had been delighted to find someone to cast who was tall enough to “make a statement,” as she put it.  The play was a parody, a social justice piece, Seetha insisted – a sort of new-wave Animal Farm.

I confess I didn’t get the connection.  I’d read the script, of course, along with the other techs – lighting & sound, props & scenery (each one person to save money, but they got paid, while I did not) – and I’d heard the play in rehearsal.  But it still didn’t make much sense to me.  Each actor’s lines sounded like they were for a different play.  I should say it may have been surreal, and I never “get” surreal things.  It probably didn’t help that the playwright, who was “edgy” as Seetha put it, was someone whose work had never actually been produced until now.  He had been a brooding presence at the edge of the stage, correcting the actors’ inflections of their lines, until Seetha had finally managed to bar him from the rehearsal hall, which she only did with Molly’s help.  Molly, Stage Manager Extraordinaire, got all the dirty jobs.

My personal opinion is that Seetha might have cancelled the production altogether if she hadn’t already committed it to the program and publicized it as the finale to our season.  I know it was a huge contrast to the usual community theater fare.  My Fair Lady.  Fiddler on the Roof.  Carousel.  But . . . well, let’s just say at this point the play was not something I was looking forward to.

Crow came by again.  “Got those extra feathers yet?” he asked.

(to be continued!)

Previous parts of the story:  It’s a local production-1


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Oh! Poor Margy! She makes one cast member happy (Giraffe), but she’s still at the mercy of our complaining cast member, Crow. All for the love of theater and sewing. Will she give in to Crow? Will she prevaricate to evade his demands? Or, will she stand up to him?

What are your thoughts?

31 thoughts on ““It’s a Local Production”-2 #tuesdayfiction

      1. Yes, the ones I let go, mostly are the ones just click ‘like’ and no comments, I can gain those from new followers. I seem to steadily gain 5 to 10 followers a day without seeking. The ones I normally communicate, I make sure to be reconnected with them!

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  1. She should send Crow to get his own feathers from the source – we’ll see how much is left of him when the birds have had their way! My chicks are going through a territorial phase and are chasing off all the pigeons who think they can score their food – so cute! (Or terrifying, depending on who you are.) Can’t wait to see what Margy does next.

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  2. I love how Margy is referring to them as their Animal Character and not by name. It makes me wonder, will we be seeing Margy’s confidence and personality grow as the play goes on? Will she be metaphorically stepping out from her backstage life? I really like how you included the reference about her learning to sew from her mother. I’m seeing a subtle symbolism in the old worn out costumes that she is trying to make new looking without any resources and the struggle of seeing her mother fall victim to what I’m assuming is dementia. She can fix the condition of the costumes but not her mother’s condition. I’m loving this story Theresa! 🙂

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    1. Oh! Tami, you are brilliant. I did not see that connection to the mom’s mental condition. And, yes, I loved having animal names only for the cast members – it makes them see more mysterious, I suppose. I think Margy may be in the market for a transformation. Hmm, I’ll have to work this out. Thank you again!

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      1. Thank you and you’re very welcome Theresa!! I’m so honored that you found my comment useful. I marvel at how I always seem to find a little bit of myself in your characters. Margy feels like me when I was in my early 20’s and struggling to build confidence in myself. 🙂

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  3. I’m enjoying the story, my friend. I do think Margy must tart thinking a bit like my characters (not so much my new-found “crime” characters. My bff said they’re morbid. Haha. I’m sure you’ve got her character developing into something exciting so looking forward to next installment. Oh, as for Crow, I’d put him in my crime stories, or the fantasy ones. He must watch it. But I’m sure you have a better place for him. 🙂

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  4. I agree with Tami about Margy being able to fix the costumes but not her Momma. Personally, I would make sure that crow’s feathers had some nettle sewn in to give him a prickly reminder from Margy. Plus I would be inclined to leave some dirty socks in the dressing room, oops I bad.:) I’m happy that Giraffe is getting a new head, I would definitely encourage his ideal behavior and help his self-esteem along the way. Maybe hint to the other’s how they could learn from Giraffe.
    It’s a fun read thus far, good job Theresa.


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