Will you marry me? – 30 years before … #tbt


Thirty years ago my husband asked me to marry him.  Where?  At the airport!  He met me at the airport after a family trip, and he suggested we have dinner in what was then a steakhouse overlooking the tarmac.  At the end of dinner, just before dessert, he surprised me with a small velvet box – containing a ring – and he asked me to marry him.

Here (below) is a photo from last month, commemorating our engagement, when we were traveling on vacation.  The steakhouse restaurant has been replaced by an enormous food area, including Anthony’s (gourmet fish house).  Here we are!  Same place, same couple.  Together still!

Of course, I said “Yes.”


Are you still doing our #productivewriter project? Kudos!  I took a reader suggestion this week to write a letter to a specific story rather than a letter to my writing in general.  And voilà!  – That helped me to find out a way to progress the story when I was stuck.

Happy writing!

20 thoughts on “Will you marry me? – 30 years before … #tbt

  1. That is a lovely photo of the two of you and a proposal at a steakhouse in an airport! The unconventionality of it made me smile 🙂 It also made me think of that quote which goes on the lines of … ‘every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite’. True that, ain’t it? Happy proposal anniversary!

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  2. What a sweet story. Congratulations! My ex husband did the Valentines proposal complete with down on one knee. It was sweet and romantic but to be honest – lacked originality. Of course I never told him that because it was still a proposal. We were married for 20 years before we had to admit that we were no longer partners in life. A sad but amicable parting. My current husband was much more practical with his proposal. We had a lot of snow about 6 years ago and while he and I were trying to shovel out some very deep snowdrifts at the top of the driveway he tackled me and we both ended up buried in the snow. While he was helping me stand back up he said “Let’s get married” to which I responded “Can we finish shoveling the snow first?” When we got back inside to have lunch he grabbed a bread tie and twisted it into a loop and that was my engagement ring. And I wore it until I got my real engagement ring. 😀

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    1. How romantic! (second husband’s proposal) So fun. I recall my first husband’s proposal, which was also awkward and very programmed. We’d decided to get married but went out to dinner so he could “ask” me. I regretted it. In fact, I asked Jim (current husband) to surprise me – and he did. Which was great! 🙂 Thank you for telling me this story!

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  3. Aw, so sweet. And a lovely pic, Theresa! Congratulations! 30 years is a really a lifetime. Many more happy years together!
    I’m on my second husband and I never got asked. They were both like a mutual decision / agreement that it was the thing to do. Hahaha! And both times, I didn’t have a proper wedding. Maybe, we’ll still do it. Hubby said so. I said he has to ask properly this time.

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      1. Ooh, that is actually a movie-kind of meeting. 😝 Hubby now. Ex was the ordinary kind, being a supplier to where I worked.
        Thanks my friend. Romance with more humor. 😄

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