Trees in Hiding – #fridayfiction

Creative Commons License
Apple Blossom Stalkers, Whitelaw, WI, 2000 by J.Shimon & J.Lindemann is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Deborah was a tree stalker.

She came from a long line of tree stalkers.  Ever since the apple blossom blight of ’19 she and her family had been prowling the byways and backroads to find them, the trees that tried to get away.  The trees that had gone rogue.

To get apples you need apple blossoms.  To get apple blossoms you need trees.  And, since the development of sentient trees – something farmers thought would make their jobs easier, not harder – trees had made themselves scarce.

Who could blame them?


A slightly Earth Day-themed flash fiction today.  Happy Earth Day!

Creative Commons License
earth by David Maxwell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



5 thoughts on “Trees in Hiding – #fridayfiction

  1. Tree stalkers. Such an interesting way to describe your characters 🙂 I love apples, especially the red, sweet and crunchy ones. I wonder, where have the trees all gone? Maybe your characters are looking for them in the wrong place…or as you alluded to, they don’t grow the way they used to do – could be because of a different way of growing them, or maybe nature and Earth against them. So many possibilities. Happy Earth Day 🙂

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    1. Yes, poor trees, especially in urban areas. I find it so strange when people seem to be oblivious to the price we pay when a tree is removed. Here in Seattle we’re doing more to protect our urban trees – like, you’ll see barriers around critical trees during a construction project, to protect them. But just the other day I saw a (small) building being demolished to make way for a new multi-story apartment structure, and they were cutting and removing a street tree in front to make way for a new driveway. :/ Ah, well, such is the human mind. Building yes, trees not so much.

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