Visual Poem – stack of books in a tea shop!

Photo by Theresa Barker.

Last week I was visiting Port Townsend, Washington.   Among other wonderful things, this town has a couple of terrific book shops.

I found these three books (in the photo above).  Later when I stopped for tea and scones in a tea shop, I put the books down on the table in front of me.  Then I looked over and thought, ah!  Another Poem!

How We Learn (Benedict Carey)

Seven Gothic Tales (Isak Dinesen)

The Truth of the Matter (Robb Forman Dew)

There is a story behind how I selected these books … a sort of magical thing I do when I go to Port Townsend.  I’ll tell that story another time!


Do you suddenly see something, like a stack of books, and think, aha!  There’s a picture!  I’m sure you photographers do this all the time.  It’s new to me, though!

17 thoughts on “Visual Poem – stack of books in a tea shop!

  1. That is me too. I’d see something and I’d have to stop and take a photo. It can be the most random things like a sign or a bright colored car or something on the ground. Probably explains why I am so slow getting around 😊 When it comes to books, I like leafing through them slowly on mg own time 😁


  2. I’ve taken pictures of book binders arranged to make poems by covering parts of the title to make it work. And other times I’ve just take pictures with all my favorite things and of course books have to be there.

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