#beingthemoment – encore

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Any hut in a storm by Mike Green is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Over the weekend I had some very good news on a writing effort.  Normally I might have felt glad for just a few minutes, and then I would mentally brush it off and go on to the next thing.  – Not relishing the moment, not paying attention to how it felt to have this success (finally!).  Merely going on with my life, pushing it to the side as other everyday concerns grabbed my attention.

But this time I didn’t do that.  I stopped, mentally, and I simply noticed: Wow.  This feel really good.  It’s wonderful, in fact.  I’m going to savor it, not throw it away.  How does it feel to have my work affirmed and to finally reach a goal that I had hoped for, and longed for, and that frustrated me when it did not happen . . . let me take the time to notice how it feels.  Let me take the time.

This was not what I normally do.  In fact, normally I rush out and tell everyone I can think of.  And that does feel satisfying, to share good news with friends and loved ones, of course.  But in a way it also rushes things, it makes it harder to really savor the moment.  Maybe that is because I’m so busy telling everyone about the good thing that has happened that I’m not actually feeling the good thing.  Not enjoying it, but broadcasting it instead.

I don’t mean to say that there is something wrong with telling friends and loved ones about the good things.  Friends and loved ones enjoy celebrating your accomplishments, of course!  And we should include them in our circle of celebration, since sharing good news multiplies our blessings, as the saying goes.  Yet I realized that by slowing down, by noticing how it feels and what it means to me and to my creativity as an artist, the accomplishment feels more complete, and more complex.  It lasts longer.  It tastes better.

Is this what “being in the moment” feels like?  I think so!  How amazing.  Over the past few weeks of my #beingthemoment project, as I’ve noticed details, thought about my intention, breathed, felt gratitude . . . these activities seem to have prepared me to be able to enjoy, really enjoy, this new accomplishment.

I picked the image for this post – a red hut in a snowstorm – because I thought of it as soon as I began writing this post.  (I had used this image for a different project, and it popped into my mind.)  Any hut in a storm.  Isn’t that what our creative lives are about?  We make our artistic projects from inside our daily lives, daily lives that entail making meals for our families and driving the kids to school and shopping for groceries and filling the car with gas.  But deep inside our minds is a small red hut that harbors our artistic life, sheltering our creative selves from external ups and downs, protecting us long enough to make inventive and inspiring work.


Have you received good news lately?  Did you share the good news with those around you?  Did you do something to celebrate?  How did you make that good feeling last as long as possible?

9 thoughts on “#beingthemoment – encore

  1. I like the analogy of our creative selves being in a red hut in the snow somewhere… You’re right: we should savor the moment instead of rushing through it (I sometimes forget to even share the good news sigh).

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    1. Oh! Thank you, Ronel! There was just something about that image that leaped into my mind. It looks cozy, doesn’t it?
      You are so productive in your writing, no wonder you sometimes forget to share the good news. 🙂

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  2. Oh gosh! I don’t even know what I do. Hmm… My life is a rush because that’s what success looks like… I was made to believe. Or, I welcomed the ‘information’ with open arms. And it’s young to be up and about and gushing… I will have to be mindful next time. I guess I tend to look for someone with whom to share the good news almost instantly. And I have a hubby so it’s expected…? Lol! And, when I start sharing, I lose the profundity that normally comes with being alone with ‘information’.
    And, Congratulations on the reaching a goal! Hugs. xxx

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    1. Oh! Anne, what an insightful and reflective observation in your comment. I am always amazed by your ability to reflect and to share deep and pivotal concepts. Thank you! (confession, I did actually call my husband to tell him my news right away.) 🙂

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