Ah! April is National Poetry Month!

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Poetry by Jameson Fink is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Did you know April is National Poetry Month?  – I only realized it yesterday when I saw a notice in my local public library.  How did I miss this?  So embarrassing!

If you are like me, you may be a reluctant poet – someone who feels they don’t know enough about poetry to write it well, but who keeps learning and striving and experimenting with writing poems.  If you are already a confident poet, kudos to you!  And Happy National Poetry Month!

Who are your favorite poets?  I truly enjoy many poets’ work, but I especially like W. S. Merwin, Joy Harjo, Rita Dove, William Carlos Williams, Langston Hughes, Robert Pinsky, and Ted Kooser and Billy Collins.  – and more.  Gosh, just being able to list poets I enjoy makes me feel more confident about my own work as a poet.

In honor of National Poetry Month, I decided today to try to write a poem every day in April.  – Not necessarily here on the blog, but in my own writing practice.

Have you ever tried writing a poem each day?  Or perhaps another daily creative routine, such as taking a photograph each day, or writing a blog post every day?  Did you keep up with it, or did you let it drop after a few times?  What did it teach you, or what did you get out of it?

Here is the poem I wrote today, “Pick Up a Rock” –


Pick Up a Rock

Creative Commons License

Pebbles by Jeremy Segrott is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Pick up a rock

Your fingers automatically curl into a fist.

break a window

break a promise

break a bone


Pick up a rock

Keep your palm open.

build a hut

build a school

build a friendship


It all comes down to this:

closed fist or

open palm?


Creative Commons License

Pebbles by Jeremy Segrott is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


22 thoughts on “Ah! April is National Poetry Month!

  1. Is that your poem? Loved the thought! I have to confess I am not much of a poetry person. I ventured into the field of writing with poetry (haiku) but soon realized it wasnt my genre and moved to prose – jury is still out! 😛 Look forward to reading more of your poems 🙂

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  2. Doing something creative every day can be daunting at times (just look at the AtoZ challenge!), but it always teaches valuable lessons. Ah, once the mind has adjusted to the new routine and exhaustion has worn off 😉 Good luck with your poetry challenge!

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    1. Ronel, how do you decide which challenges or contests to participate in? You have such great energy for so many project, I am in awe. Just curious about how you sort out which to do and which to let go? Love to hear your thoughts, thanks in advance.

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      1. Thanks, Theresa 🙂

        Blog hops are necessary for networking with other authors – so doing at least one a month is crucial (that’s why I do the IWSG).

        FolkloreThursday helps me to connect with others with an interest in folklore (and it motivates me to write a new story with a folklore creature in it).

        Microcosms and Cracked Flash give me the chance to flex my writing muscles on something new every week – it’s good to take a break from editing and whatnot.

        Wattpad’s Fantasy Community have awesome prompts for their competitions that run every two weeks – and as a bonus (besides actually publishing something and trying out a new genre or whatever), they also include a critique of your story, whether you win or not.

        All of the above also raises your online presence and builds name recognition (yeah, building that author brand).

        Anthologies, lit mags and other competitions I do whenever I have a story that I’ve written (and not published) that is polished. Time, of course, is a factor for these.

        The only challenge that I allow to interfere with my writing is AtoZ. Writing 26 blogposts is an art of its own (and great writing practise).

        Everything else (writing in Afrikaans, updating my other Wattpad stories, etc.) I do when I get the time. Last year I worked on a very tight schedule (one new Afrikaans story published every Monday, one new Wattpad story published every Friday, a folklore post every Thursday, blog every Sunday, etc.) and the result – though awesome SEO, a writing trophy and tons of new subscribers to the blog – was burnout. I’m learning to pace myself and simplify things.

        And competitions where they give a critique and misspell the MC’s name – those I won’t enter again. That includes competitions where they say any genre and only pick contemporary stories…

        I’m going with my gut 😉 If I don’t like the look of a website (or there’s spelling errors), why will I send my story for publication there?

        I hope this helps 🙂

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  3. What a challenge! I hope it’s going great! Do share with us at the end of the month your favorites. I can’t say I can write a poem everyday. I’m a “feeling” poet so that’s throwing me out of my comfort zone. Maybe I’ll try reaching my heart as I look at something inspiring or admirable. 🙂

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      1. Thank you, Theresa. This is why I hesitated to refer to myself as a writer because I write when I feel like it. I haven’t even considered how I’d do if I were to write everyday or on schedule. That’s a goal. 😊 I did write a Cinquain today. Not more words than a Haiku but with 2 extra lines. Haha. I’ll try a Tanka, I think. 😄

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  4. Theresa I love this poem! The symbolism is amazing and it has such a strong energy to it. I can feel the passion for altruism and the disdain for violence in the words. I’m not sure I could write a poem every day. I suppose I could have a wild poetic thought but probably couldn’t tether it long enough to wrangle it onto a piece of paper. 🙂


    1. Oh! Thank you, Meenakshi, for mentioning you did not know it was Poetry Month either! I know what you mean about being a learner. But sometimes trying something every day lets you feel okay about not having it come out perfectly every time.

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