“White-space” time – browsing at the Public Library

Public library, photo by Theresa Barker.

Earlier this week, after my post on “making white-space in your calendar for your own thoughts and activities,” fellow writer-blogger Lyn Crain and I discussed the idea of going to your local library and “browsing,” like you do in a bookstore.

Usually I go to the library pretty much only to pick up my requested books on hold.  But, inspired by Lyn’s comments, today I went in and browsed both the fiction and the science fiction shelves.  It was great!  I found a book or two of interest in each of those two sections, books which I likely would not have read if I hadn’t been there in person.

Afterward, I sat in a chair near the check-out station – a very comfy chair – and I wrote for about 30-40 minutes.  (By hand, using fountain pen and a small lined book.)  I even got a couple of interesting pieces out of the writing!


Thanks go to my daughter, who suggested the “bookstore-browsing-at-the-library” idea originally, and thanks out to Lyn for enthusiastically endorsing the idea!


Photo by Theresa Barker.

10 thoughts on ““White-space” time – browsing at the Public Library

  1. That has a cosy ring. I find libraries comforting. The possibility of exploring so many worlds through books. It is great that you found authors you would not have read otherwise. You know never know how a love affair with any genre begins.

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  2. I’m on my way to my public library this afternoon and can hardly wait, I love browsing and discovering! Our library is located in a community centre and upstairs there is a huge space where one can sit (to write, work or check on social media!), there is a huge skylight above the tables and I often find myself penning some thoughts in my small lined notebook as well!

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  3. Sounds like a fabulous idea!
    I haven’t been to a library since I completed my undergrad degree in 1993. I do frequent bookstores. Maybe I should try the Sandton Library next time I go to Sandton City instead of just window shopping. 🙂

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    1. Love that idea. I told my daughter about how I’d gone to the library to browse and that some of my writing friends did also, and that made her smile. :). Hope your daughter is better!


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