As I Write These Words . . . (an experiment in recursion-recursion)

Do you ever read another writer’s work and then write something of your own that is inspired by that work?  This week I published a blog post on The Writer in the World blog with a piece I wrote last year, inspired by a work by poet and writer Bhanu Kapil, a favorite writer and favorite writing teacher of mine.


As I Write These Words . . . by Theresa Barker


As I Write These Words: An Experiment In Recursion, by Bhanu Kapil


Who are some of your favorite writers/artists/photographers?  How do you integrate the inspiration from their work into your own?

17 thoughts on “As I Write These Words . . . (an experiment in recursion-recursion)

  1. I get a lot of my writing inspiration from reading, visiting and commenting on blogs. They could be blogs on travel, or photography or poetry. It is just so encouraging but most importantly most accepting here in the blogging community, and bloggers are also not afraid to be honest with each other too 🙂

    I’d say I follow more photography blogs than writing blogs, lol. Photography is something I like to do too, and quite often when I go out and take photos and them come back home to see what I’ve photographed, I’d feel inspired to write.

    A person who has inspired me a lot is electronic dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling. That combination of dancing and playing the violin at the same time is mind-blowing, and it proves to me that anything is possible. Her style just screams unique to me and as such, it is always a reminder to me that if you believe in your work, you will achieve good things with it. I’ve seen Lindsey in concert a couple of times (and also met her with photos), and will be seeing her again next month 😀

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    1. The blog world has really freed me and inspired me to tread paths I would have never even looked at a couple of years ago. The list of blogs are too many to list but a few do stand out. Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers and Cee’s photo blog were the first to show me a whole new way of living err blogging. Then there’s Mabel and Y’s unique approaches have played a huge role in making my writing experience that much more fun and rewarding. And now Theresa has taken it upon herself to boost my morale and confidence – my cup runneth over. Have a super weekend – I am determined to! My son’s home for the weekend 😀

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      1. When I first started blogging, Cee’s blog was one of the first I came across too. I was amazed at her audience engagement and how often she posts 😀

        Haha, you humble me, D… What would I do without you 😉 Y is amazing too, as a blogger and person juggling so many different projects at once. Theresa is amazing in sharing the everyday things around us. Have a great weekend with the son and family 😀

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    2. Mabel, thank you for your very thoughtful comment and observations! I have not heard of Lindsey Stirling – I’m going to read up more on her work. I was also interested to hear you follow a number of photography blogs, as it reminds me that so often we get stuck in the manner of artistry we practice ourselves (for writer it’s words), and there is so much to be learned from going outside the “usual” manner and grabbing inspiration from other manners – songs, images, musical performances, art … etc. My oldest son, who was a visual artist, and I used to have these intriguing conversations that highlighted the overlaps between creative efforts – he would talk about the “story” a painting needed to tell, for instance.

      Would love to hear sometime how you got your start in blogging – maybe in a blog post? Or if you have a previous blog post that describes this, would love to be pointed that direction. Have an inspirational week! 🙂


      1. “we get stuck in the manner of artistry we practice ourselves” I think this is so true. We might go around in circles in our art if we just focus on it all the time. Lately I have been the opposite – a lot of things outside of writing are calling my attention, in way that I like. As you said, there is a lot to learn elsewhere 🙂

        So interesting to hear your son is a visual artist. It sounds like he applies a lot of his craft to the world out there. I don’t think I have specifically mentioned about how I got my start in blogging. A post for another day… 🙂

        Not even mid-week yet and it’s been a tiring week, lol. Still, I have Lindsey Stirling to look forward to next month 😀

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      2. Oh! I’m excited to hear you have been called by many things outside of writing. I was hearing again yesterday from another artistic blogging source that the best content for their art comes from things they see/do in life, not at their desk/studio. Kudos, Mabel!

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  2. I think I’ve been always inspired by others. When I was younger, I read a lot of Sweet Dreams books (teen rom-coms back in the 80s) and I wrote my own (I just don’t know what I did with it as it was handwritten). When I started writing poetry, I came across Oriah Mountain Dreamer and The Invitation was a favorite. I wrote a poem similar to it. I really like it so I have to give you the link to that blog post. Haha. Here it is – (written almost 10 years before I posted it).
    Many other writers and poets – you are definitely included here – inspire me every day.
    What you wrote is wonderful. I should try it some time… 🙂

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    1. Anne, thank you for the link to your post! I can see the rhythm there borrowed from The Dreamer. But yours is much more softly insistent and expressive, I think. (I like yours better, sorry!)
      You’re still writing poetry, right? Good! 💖

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