Visual Poem – stack of books in a cafe

Have you ever seen a sight that jumped out at you as if it were a poem?

Last week in a café I spotted a woman with stack of books.  A collage of unusual titles.  When I asked her about the books, she said she’d just come from Half-Price Books and these were the books that grabbed her.

If you’d like to check out their titles, here are the links in Goodreads.

Home Sausage Making

The Mystified Magistrate

The Willowdale Handcar

The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton

20 thoughts on “Visual Poem – stack of books in a cafe

  1. Quite cool, Theresa. It reminded me of the photo I took in January of the book on my bedside table waiting to be read. I don’t mind mine is so much of a poetry but I think I can share it. I will ping-back to this post as the inspiration. Thank you so much for always being someone who inspires. (I’m considering a re-blog but I’m not sure if I can do a long write up on my own and attach own pics… hmm…)

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