Poem on the Street – #internationalwomensday

“Blue Seattle Photo,” photo by Theresa Barker.

Have you ever seen an image that almost seemed like a poem in itself? That is what this image seemed like to me – a poem on the street.

(I know you photographers out there do this every day- Amy Maranto, Miriam Hurdle, Monica, Audrey & Tom, and others!) 

Last week I was in downtown Seattle for an appointment, and I happened to see this utility-box mural while crossing the street.  First, let me say that I always think it’s awesome when utility-boxes have art murals.  Second, I just loved the image here, and how the newspaper boxes next to it complimented the idea within the image, from my point of view.

A poem!

I thought today would be a wonderful day to share this with you.  Happy International Women’s Day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – topic Wish.   https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/wish/


11 thoughts on “Poem on the Street – #internationalwomensday

  1. What a good imagination to see poem out of utility box. I wonder who painted it. One of our neighbor painted a landscape scene with snow on the mountain, then tress… on a green container that collect grass and stuff. I’m honored to have you list my name among the great photographers!! Thank you !

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