Why Many Chinese Like Eating Dumplings. And Why The World Does As Well (re-blog #2 for today)

It’s “re-blog day” here at Lab Notes blog! Do you like to eat Chinese dumplings? Mabel Kwong, an Asian-Australian blogger, wrote this wonderful article on Chinese dumplings, about her family’s experiences, as well as about dumplings across cultures. Mabel’s blog is a really wonderful way to learn about all sorts of multicultural experiences.

I especially liked this phrase: “No matter how they taste, there’s always a certain air of excitement when it comes to eating dumplings.” My family (in Seattle, Washington, in the U.S.), started making Chinese pork dumplings from scratch a few years ago when our kids were in their early teens. It IS very labor-intensive! I found a recipe in our city newspaper for dumplings, written by a Chinese food writer, and the recipe worked great. However, it’s time-consuming when you make the wrappers from scratch (flour and water), mix up the filling with Chinese cabbage and seasonings, scoop out a small amount into each wrapper, and then seal and cook them! But they taste delicious.

A few years after we started making dumplings from scratch, one of the graduate students at my University gave a talk about making dumplings in his family back in China. It turns out each member of his family had a particular job when they made dumplings – one rolled the wrappers, one made the filling, one filled the wrappers, and one cooked the dumplings. It takes a family to make these!

UpdateTry this recipe from food maven HSIAO-CHING CHOU – her recipe works every time, for us!  It is the one our family uses and it’s terrific.  (You can purchase pre-made dumpling wrappers at the grocery store to save time.)

Mabel Kwong

It’s a fact that many Chinese like to eat dumplings. Chinese people eat dumplings during the Lunar New Year. They eat dumplings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And countless others around the world regardless of background like eating dumplings too.

Growing up, when my Chinese-Malaysian family went to out to yum cha, that was when I got to eat Chinese dumplings. These days, whenever I catch up with my Asian and non-Asian friends here in Melbourne, Chinese dumplings are usually on the menu.

There are so many reasons why we like eating dumplings, dumplings that so similar yet so different | Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose. There are so many reasons why we like eating dumplings, dumplings that so similar yet so different | Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose.

Defining ‘dumpling’ can be tricky. All over the world, there are dumplings of all shapes, sizes and fillings. Dumplings can be loosely thought of as ‘small pieces of dough…often wrapped around a filling’, either sweet or savoury, steamed, fried or boiled. They are often…

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20 thoughts on “Why Many Chinese Like Eating Dumplings. And Why The World Does As Well (re-blog #2 for today)

  1. Thank you for the share, Theresa 🙂 I loved reading about the way you and your family make dumplings from scratch. You are right in that they are time-consuming. You could take all day to make it – start in the morning and finish in the evening. If you are making a big batch, then maybe you might take a few days. ” It takes a family to make these!” You said it so well. I think once you start cooking something, you’re always on the lookout on how to better your dish…and with dumplings, you can really make any kind of dumplings 🙂

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      1. That is a good question. I’ve wanted to write and blog about dumplings for more than over a year now. I just never felt that the time was right until recently.

        I’ve always wanted to know more about dumplings, and when I did, I just wanted to share 🙂

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      1. Lucky Emma! (kidding) We have a Very Large Cat, Mittens (so-named because of her white paws and black fur). She’s very round, my daughter has described her before as a “pillow with feet.” She’s happy enough, especially when patted! I might have to post a photo of her sometime… you’ve got me thinking!

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  2. Oh wow! You can and do make dumplings? I do love them – food in general, actually – but I’m useless in the kitchen. Thankfully, we have a good number of Chinese restaurants around us and the one in Montecasino where we often go has yummy dumplings.

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