Old bridge meetup – Predeal, Romania

What would a bridge say if it could talk?  Particularly an aging concrete bridge that could use a new coat of paint! My friend and blogger Monica posted an intriguing photograph recently of an old bridge she saw in Predeal, a ski- and tourist-destination in Romania, on her wonderful photography blog “look around!”  Lucky for me, I got to use her image for inspiration in my guest post.  (To see what I wrote, click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph.)




8 thoughts on “Old bridge meetup – Predeal, Romania

  1. The bridge does have a lot of character and atmosphere about it. I especially loved the fact that the ‘bridge’ is content and draws happiness at serving its purpose each time somebody crosses over it. If only we could also be content in fulfilling our purpose on earth rather than hanker for what might have been. Thanks.

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  2. I love bridges and not only because my step-father is a Roads/Bridges engineer. They always seem to have such beauty and character. But, I need to be more creative to make them subject of beautiful writing. 🙂 When I see bridges, I remember a line from a movie (I forgot what movie) that said while we have predetermined destiny, we still need to build and cross the bridge to that destiny. 🙂


    1. Oh! I love that movie line, Anne! One thing that fascinates me about bridges is that is is one perspective when you go over the bridge, and a very different perspective if you’re the person under the bridge. We have a huge deep ravine in a park near our house, and a graceful metal car-bridge that crosses it. Looking down from the bridge you see treetops and the little stream and the park paths, and it looks almost like a tiny world. Looking up from the path to the bridge, it feels like you are inside a forest and the bridge, arching so far overhead, is a world away. ! 🙂

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    1. he he, that is a really interesting image. I laughed out loud when I read your sentence, “pulling up their pilings and clomping to the meeting place.” Like wearing old-fashioned skirts, holding them up out of the mud. Cool!

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