And now, a line from the Little Mermaid

Photo by Maranto Photography is used by permission of the photographer, all rights reserved.
Photo by Maranto Photography is used by permission of the photographer, all rights reserved.

One of the blogs I follow is Photography Journal Blog, where the blogger, Amy Maranto, posts the most amazing photographs.  She also generously provides information on how the photograph was created, sharing her knowledge with other photographers and image-creators.  The image above came from Amy’s blog.  Please take a look at Amy’s message in “About this post” at the end of my story!

In Search of Fairer Sights

She has traveled.  Though it is little known, the mermaid of Copenhagen, Den lille Havfrue, visited China in 2010.  She wishes to see the sights beyond her home location positioned on a rock near the promenade, but so far, Shanghai has been the only acquisition in her tourist portfolio.

It is a matter of some vexation.  She is considering placing an advertisement in a global publication, something along these lines, “Modest non-imposing bronze sculpture of a mermaid in a beloved Danish folk tale seeks opportunities to travel and see the world.  Will work for travel.”

She knows the risks.  Many times she has been damaged before, among other things having suffered a severed head and the loss of her right arm from vandalism.  There is something about an immobile bronze statue that invites attention, at times, from the wrong quarter.  There was that one incident of the tremendous explosion several years back, that put a hole in her wrist and knee, throwing her entirely off the rock she is attached to.  Each time she has been repaired.  She would like to slip into the water stealthily when vandals approach, but it is her reality that she cannot move on her own.

She doesn’t mind the tourists who touch her bronze surface in wonder, or even those who climb on her as if she were a jungle gym.  Or a tree.

She would like to be a tree.  This is the other thing that occurs to her at times.  Since she was first placed in this location in the early part of the 20th century, the surrounding area has become ever more industrial.  Smoke billows from industrial plants behind her on the far shore, and she sometimes notices at sunset that things are never as green as they once were.

Yes.  Travel would be such an improvement.  There is the inconvenience of being moved, crated, stored, shipped, uncrated and set up.  But she could see herself even now . . . on the Great Wall of China.  The top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  The wilds of the African savanna.  She could keep company, perhaps, with other iconic statues of cities:  Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janiero, or the Statue of Liberty in New York.  She has heard of them.  They could travel together, forming a sort of statuary tour, like a rock band.  The idea somehow seems plausible.  She considers how to unite them, statues who no longer wish to be stationery.  Perhaps some kind of Internet chat group.

About this post

This photograph of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen was recently posted on Photography Journal Blog.  The mermaid’s quiet, seemingly contemplative stance juxtaposed against a clearly industrial scene really struck me as poignant.  I asked Amy if she would allow me to write a post inspired by her image and to include the image in my post.  She agreed, and that gave us this post!  I encourage you to visit Amy’s blog and see if her images touch you the way they do me.

23 thoughts on “And now, a line from the Little Mermaid

  1. came here from Amy’s blog – and my fav line is “She doesn’t mind the tourists who touch her bronze surface in wonder, or even those who climb on her as if she were a jungle gym.”
    and I also felt the double meaning of “are never as green as they once were.”
    very well done.

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    1. I’m delighted you enjoyed my story. I was so moved by Amy’s photo, that the little mermaid seems to be chastising us for building up industry around her little bay. Thank you for sharing the lines that you liked most – it’s so rewarding for a writer to hear what the reader enjoyed. Thank you for visiting! 🙂

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      1. oh my pleasure – and I Love when bloggers piggy back on posts and show such inspiration – not only does it compliment the blogger’s work – but it gives us a chance to meet and greet – so that was super cool of you to run with your creative idea….

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