Invitation: write your own “Cinderella” story!

“Cinderella” collaboration project

Inspired by the many versions of  the folk tale of Cinderella from around the world, my fellow creative blogger Anne Van der Merwe and I each wrote a new version of Cinderella and posted our story to our blogs in the past couple of weeks.

We then decided we wanted to gather a collection of inventive stories of Cinderella written from a different angle than the traditional folk tale.  We are extending an invitation to  our readers and colleagues in the creative blogging community to join this collaborative project.  Here is our invitation:


We are two writers/bloggers who have each written our own story based on the folk tale of Cinderella.  Cinderella has been told and re-told in myriad cultures around the world, and we are challenging the blogging/writing community to come up with your own Cinderella-themed tale.  As co-curators, Anne and I will be gathering the stories for a potential opportunity to publish an anthology of selected stories.


Cinderella Illustration by Sarah Camp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons License
Cinderella Illustration by Sarah Camp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

We are looking for stories that feature a “Cinderella”-style theme. (See the Wikipedia article, “Cinderella,” for more information.)

  • The story must be any of the following:
    1. Short story
    2. Short-short story
    3. Flash fiction
    4. Micro fiction
    5. Poetry (e.g., Tanka, Haiku, Pantoum, Sonnet, free verse, etc.) – new!
  • The story can fall under any genre, such as:
    1. Romance
    2. Drama
    3. Comedy
    4. Science fiction
    5. Thriller
    6. Horror
    7. Combination of any of the above
  • The story must be based on or have a semblance to the original folk tale story.
  • The story can be from any of the characters’ perspectives, such as:
    1. Cinderella
    2. Prince
    3. Fairy godmother
    4. Step-mother
    5. King (father of the Prince)
    6. One of both of the step-sister/s
    7. Lost slipper – New!
  • DUE DATE:  28 February 2017
  • No offensive language (e.g., obscene, racist, etc.); please use minimal profanity and ensure that it is absolutely necessary to the tone of the story (see “Other Considerations” below).
  • To be included, ping-back to both Anne’s and Theresa’s posts (see note below).
  • Participation automatically allows permission for re-blogging on both Anne’s and Theresa’s blogs. (You retain copyright of your own work.)  This helps share your work with a wider community and extends the reach of your story.
  • Possible publication in an anthology form. Depending on the response, we will be exploring putting out the anthology as an e-book, an on-demand book or other independently published book. If so, any net proceeds for selected stories will be shared on a proportional basis among contributors and the co-creators (Anne and Theresa).   A short legal agreement will be drafted to cover rights and income.
  • Stories selected for publishing may be edited to remove excessive offensive language, without changing the story or its tone (see “Other Considerations” below).
  • Stories must be the original work of the posting blogger; plagiarism will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with by the original authors accordingly.

Other Considerations – Please Read

  • All submissions MUST include some reference to the topic (“Cinderella”).
  • Please, no erotica, pornography, explicit/graphic sex/violence – e.g., “PG-” to “R-rated” work.
  • That said, feel free to experiment! Mix ideas, genres, think big!


We can’t really assure you a standing ovation for your story, especially you won’t see if we do, but you can be sure that we will share your Cinderella story.

Please comment here and on Anne’s invitation post the links to your own “Cinderella” stories so we can find them and re-blog your stories.

This can be our path to a rewarding 2017 with respect to our writing, considering that possible anthology… Life does surprise us!


To pingback to Theresa’s and Anne’s posts, simply copy the following links into your blog post:

New!  We are using the hashtag #cinderellamythmaker; please feel free to add this to your post.

51 thoughts on “Invitation: write your own “Cinderella” story!

      1. some folks are thinking about a poetry response, like haiku or tanka … if you’re into images, a photo might be an intriguing response too! I know poetry wasn’t mentioned in the guidelines, but I’ll be talking with Anne about updating them … 🙂 happy new year!

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  1. Hi Theresa! This is a great concept. My wife has written a piece, and she would like to participate, but she does not have a blog. I could post it on my blog with the pingbacks and appropriate credit, but the rules are unclear on this. What should Edith do?

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  2. This is such a spirited project, Theresa and Anne. Love how this is open to everyone and interesting to read of the different perspectives that can be adopted. Growing up, Cinderella was one of the Disney movies that I watched and enjoyed. Already so many stories and it is amazing how everyone is putting their own twist to it. I’m looking to come back to read the poetry; that would be interesting because with so many folk tales, a lot of them we know usually by narrative prose. I got an invitation through Yvette P, so kind of her 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Mabel! It’s interesting that you mention the “spiritedness” of this project. It arose somewhat spontaneously as an idea between Anne J. and me, and looking back, I’m not even quite sure how it came up, that is, who suggested it, or what the initial inspiration was. Perhaps we were talking (in comments) about re-imagining folk tales … and Anne may have mentioned her love of Jimmy Choo shoes … I’m still not sure, but it was the kind of thing that was a true collaboration – not either of our’s idea alone. And then we had a chance to draw on each of our networks, so that many more people got to hear about it. 🙂 It kind of took on a life of its own! Thank you again for letting me know you enjoy it. 🙂 (And thanks to Yvette for passing along the invitation!)

      Liked by 1 person

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