She was That Kind of Person

“What kind of delusion are you under? / The life he hid just knocked you flat.” – Michael Ryan, “Self-Help”

She was the kind of person who made dinner every night.  He was the type who ate in bars.  If he ate at all.  She liked to sit in on Sunday afternoons and watch an old movie from the ’30s or ’40s in black-and-white.  He liked going to raves in Belltown.  She phoned her mom once a week and told her she loved her.  He hadn’t heard from his mom since before she went into rehab, and then only to ask for money – his mom doing the asking.

But there they were, working in adjacent cubicles at Amazon, and one day they went out on a date.  And that was the beginning of the end of old habits.

About this post:  Sometimes there is wealth in opposites. 


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