Green-eyed lady doing time

Tarot Cards

Rosalee dealt the cards that changed my destiny.

I’d gone in for a standard Tarot reading, like I do every week.  It had been a rough week, I admit.  First those stolen credit card accounts that I got from Jason were canceled.  And I’d only gotten about $13K of stuff off of them so far.  Then my rental house scam – the one where I put a copycat ad on Craigslist and collect an immediate deposit when I meet the renters – got shut down by the cops.  I was in need of serious cash flow.

I told Rosalee I was ready for a change.  She said, like she always does, “The cards can only tell you what is inside you.”

But I needed a new fortune.  The first two cards came up well:  the Judgment card in position 1 and the Wheel of Fortune card in position 2.

“Things are changing for you,” Rosalee said, tapping the Judgment card.

“You bet,” I said.  “And this one?” I pointed to the Wheel of Fortune.

“A turning point.”

Yes!  Finally!

Maybe I was going to get in on something really big, something that couldn’t be traced.  Maybe something like that bitcoin racket.  That would be sweet.

She was just about to deal the third card when I heard a knock at the door.  She got up to answer it.

I heard voices in the hallway.  It was really annoying that Rosalee would interrupt my reading to answer the door.  Really annoying.

The next thing I know, two cops come into the room.  One of them starts reading me my rights, and the other one is handcuffing me.

“Sorry,” Rosalee said.  She turned over the card on the deck in her hand, showed it to me.

The armored skeleton on the Death card seemed to be grinning at me.  “Too bad,” Rosalee said.  “Caught in the inescapable.”

NOT my lucky day.

“I needed the reward money,” she said.  “I’m moving my place up near the casino.”