Mirror, mirror

3d illustrationMIRROR

The mirror sat on the outside of the car door.  It was a red mirror, it had a heating element in it to burn away frost on cold mornings.  It folded inward when a parking space was too tight.  It had always sat on the side of the car, next to the window, awaiting Donald’s return.

Donald drove the car to work every day.  The mirror had memorized the pattern of movement, first in reverse gear to go down the driveway, then in drive through a sequence of turns, left, right, right, and so on, that took Donald and the car and the mirror to the parking lot behind the chocolate factory next to where Donald worked.

Oh, how the mirror wished that Donald worked in the chocolate factory!  It was certain there must be lovely smells inside the chocolate factory, smells that were sure to escape through the factory doors on a person’s clothing and in their gym bag and on their shoes.

But Donald worked in the fitness gym in the next building.  The mirror did not get a chance to try to smell the sweet and savory aromas of the chocolate confections that were made in the factory.  The mirror was, in a way, heartbroken as it sat there in the parking lot on the car door, every day for eight-and-a-half hours, while Donald was at his job.

About this post:  I am a great fan of the movie “Stranger Than Fiction,” in which Harold’s watch changes his life.  This is my little homage to Harold’s watch.