The Adventure of the Sixteen Keys

Sixteen-keysWhat there was was all these keys.

I opened the trunk, see, and there were only keys in it.  Great-grandpa’s trunk from the attic, the one Mom said he brought home from England after the war, that had all kind of scrolled brasswork and such all over it.  I finally opened the trunk and all that was in there was keys, all tied up in a velvet sack.

Counted them – there were sixteen.  Most of them were skeleton keys, the kind that fit a lock in an old door.  Like you’d see in a ’30s black-and-white movie.

There were a couple that looked like they’d open a padlock – like on a treasure box or something.

And one, a tiny key, looked like it could open a jewelry box.  I liked that one the best.  I didn’t know why then, but I found out later.  Much later, I found out it was a magical key.

Mom said I could keep them.  So I put the keys in the bottom drawer of my desk, in the little velvet sack they came in.

That’s how the adventure started.

About this post:  What a great image!  Sixteen keys.  Of course, one of them has to be magical!

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