Captive’s Choice

You-missed-usWe were here all the time.  But you were too busy rushing down the highway at 60 miles an hour, 75 miles an hour, 90 miles an hour.

You passed us by.  We have been waiting.  Eons pass while we sit here, anchored to the rock that was a lake bed once, was the bottom of a small sea.  Stone we are.

In your dreams you see us.  As you slumber in the Day’s Inn in Sedona or the La Quinta in Flagstaff, you walk among us, hearing our voices, seeing our forms.

But still you pass us by.

About this post:  The desert is an amazing place.  It seems like a place that never changes, yet it is immensely old.  For many people, it’s just a place to get through quickly so they can get to their real destination.

What do you think?

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