I have been awarded the Sunshine Award!

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded the Sunshine Award from Nicole Sloan at http://nicolesloanswriting.com/.  Nicole is completing her most recent novel, and her blog is a fun read – check it out!

It is always a thrill and an honor to receive a nomination for a blogging award from a blogging colleague.  Knowing you’ve made an impact on another writer is huge.  It is a lonely world when you write on your own, and hearing that your blog is fun or engaging is amazing motivation.

sunshine-award-2When I started blogging a few months ago, I had no idea that the blogging community recognized their own “stars” through these awards.  Of course, it’s exhilarating to have a post selected by Freshly Pressed, as one of my early posts was (“Found”).  But for me, making connections to other writers and realizing the local impact of those connections is terrific.

Receiving a blogging award also gives me the opportunity to notify other writers of their impact on me by nominating them for the award.  This is immensely rewarding!  Many nominees have reported they get a much-needed morale boost from receiving a blogging award.

The rules for this award are to i) post the image of the award on your blog post or on an “awards” page, ii) write a post accepting the award, including a link back to the person who nominated you, a list of ten things about yourself, and a list of ten nominations of bloggers for the Sunshine Award.

Ten Things About Myself

  1. A favorite SF (science fiction) author is Robert Silverberg, especially his Beyond the Safe Zone story collection.
  2. My favorite color is green.
  3. A favorite travel location is Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast – my photos often come from there.
  4. A favorite dessert is Chocolate Mousse.
  5. I have been a member of my high school and college marching bands.
  6. I secretly read People magazine when I can get a copy.
  7. A favorite band is the Greyboys Allstars – love their “Inland Emperor”!
  8. I’m a big fan of WKRP in Cincinnati reruns.
  9. I’ve been striving to learn to speak French for several years.
  10. I love to study math.

Blogger Nominations for the Sunshine Award

  1. http://poetreecreations.org – Gillian and Thomas Sims, who publish frequently and have developed a huge poet community
  2. http://amsites.wordpress.com/ – Amie (“Chasing Conversations”) writes from a twenty-something journalist’s perspective
  3. http://zainabjavid.wordpress.com/ – Zainab (“A Mom’s Blog”) has a terrific voice for telling stories, and her photographs are always nicely done
  4. http://beerandkittens.com/ – “Beer and Kittens,” very inventive images, sketching, thoughts
  5. http://newany.wordpress.com/ – “16 States, 38 Days” is a chronicle of a recent travel trip around the U.S.
  6. http://werrrds.wordpress.com/ – “Werrds” writes with a unique voice about writing, challenges with writing, insights about writing, etc.
  7. http://violinisticphotographer.wordpress.com/ – “Violinstic Photographer” does amazing photo images
  8. http://uthamz.wordpress.com/home/ – Franz Amador (“Light Touch” ) creates terrific global photography images
  9. http://kelseylynhoff.wordpress.com – Kelsey Hoff (“Written”) posts her own inspiring poetry and writing observations
  10. http://ljdaluz.wordpress.com/ – “This is ME, you know” – startling images and thoughtful blog posts

Conversation starter:  Do you participate in blogging awards?  If yes, what do you like about them?  If no, do you have another strategy for motivating yourself to continue blogging? – feel free to add to the conversation!

Zero to Hero Challenge update:  Let me know what you think about this blog!  Survey at this link: http://tjbarker.polldaddy.com/s/visits-to-www-tjbarkerseattle-wordpress-com

4 thoughts on “I have been awarded the Sunshine Award!

    1. Gillian, thank you for stopping by! It’s terrific to hear you have completed a novel – congratulations! I heard somewhere that only 1 in 5 novels that are started are actually completed – way to go! … and every morning I look forward to seeing what’s in my Reader from poetrecreations.org – thank you!


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