How to learn the game of darts

Perfect-bulls-eyeGo to Murphy’s Pub in Wallingford with Jean and Louis.
Order a pitcher of beer and a plate of nachos.
Pull up the instructions for playing darts on your iPhone.
Flirt with the guys at the next table.
Take a few practice throws.
Play a game with Jean.  Lose.
Flirt with the girls at the table behind you.
Finish the pitcher and the nachos.
Upload photos from your iPhone to Pinterest.

Author note:  I’ve never played a serious game of darts.  But when you’re writing a set of instructions, it can lead to someplace you didn’t expect.

Conversation starter:  Do you have a favorite game?  Are you super-competitive or not at all?  What’s the best way to learn something new?  – feel free to add to the conversation!

Zero to Hero Challenge update:  New to this blog?  Please help me with your feedback at this link:!  Thank you!

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