“To go forward is to move toward perfection.”

Singular-oneUpdate:  I’ve been taking a break from new blog posts while doing the WordPress.com Zero to Hero Challenge for January.    This has been a great chance to think about my goals in starting this blog, and to think about how I frame my work.

It is difficult for any writer to keep on writing.  Facing the blank page or screen can be terrifying.  We worry about being boring, not having anything to say, about whether we will reach an audience, about if the new work we write will somehow ruin the work we have already done – work that seems to  have flashes of brilliance.  Where do those flashes come from?  we ask ourselves, sometimes despairingly, as we face yet another blank page or screen.

As my way of tackling the fear of writing that most writers confront, I started this blog for a daily writing practice.  Writing every day on a random topic, word or thought has been immensely freeing – and it has brought energy to my longer projects.

Along the way, engaging readers has been rewarding and fun.  I am grateful for the many many followers and individual “likes” on posts that have been made.  As a writer, it makes a huge difference to feel you are being heard, even if it’s for only a brief list of things that are important or a short fiction sketch.

I’d like to challenge you to think about your greatest challenges – what is your Big Dream?  What would you like others to see in you?  What would you like to see more of in yourself?  For me, I dream of new creation.  Writing is my way to creativity, to new worlds, new characters, new inventions that have never before been made.  It is thrilling to see something you have designed and brought forth – a new story, a book, or even a single scene – come to life.  The hope of new creative expression is what drives my efforts.

Please feel free to add to the discussion! – what are your Big Dreams?  I would love include them in a future list.

March on.  Do not tarry.  To go forward is to move toward perfection.  March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life’s path. – Kahlil Gibran

Zero to Hero Challenge update:  New to this blog?  Please help me with your feedback at this link:  http://tjbarker.polldaddy.com/s/visits-to-www-tjbarkerseattle-wordpress-com!  Thank you!

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