How do you beat Writer’s Block as a Musician?

Writers – have you struggled with Writer’s Block? Take a look at a creative and intriguing post from CliveMusic on his Confident Performer blog.

Musicians run into challenges with Writer’s Block also!  Clive’s got a great take on it. Feel free to visit his blog post and add your suggestions for how you tackle Writer’s Block.

Thanks, Clive!

Confident Performer

Have you ever had writers block or noticed that you have struggled to create something musical? Over the years I have come to realise that limitations can be liberating when it comes to creativity. Make sure  you leave tips, suggestions and ideas in the reply section below. I will add the best tips to the list. 

After sitting at my keyboard for a whole Saturday and half of Sunday, the realisation that I had no ideas with which I was happy, weighed heavy on my mind. I had spent 10 or 11 hours with manuscript paper and pen in hand and my page was empty apart from scribblings out. My Logic arrange page was empty and I was thoroughly dispirited.

Then a call from my friend Martin to say he was going to a concert and he would pick me up en-route in an hour, launched me into action. I…

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